Free Agent News!

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Free Agent News!

Bucks sign Serbian center Miroslav Raduljica and are on the verge of coming to terms with Gary Neal

Nets sign Alan Anderson to a 2 year deal, I'm not a fan of Anderson's but he can give them some pop off the pine

Bobcats re-sign Gerald Henderson to a 3 year / $18mil contract - good fairly priced signing IMO

Warriors waive Dwayne Jones, Scott Machado, and Kevin Murphy

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I'd agree that the Gerald

I'd agree that the Gerald Henderson offer is good value for both sides. Gerald is 26 this year so his current production may well be his ceiling but the contract reflects that and gives him some longer term security and the Bobcats have not broken the bank to keep him

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Big fan

I'm a big fan of Gary Neal, loved watching him grow with the Spurs. I wish he would have went to a championship contender though instead of the bucks

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I don't really understand

I don't really understand where the Bucks are trying to go. It feels like every player on the roster is a big or a combo guard

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Mayo = Ellis replacement Neal

Mayo = Ellis replacement Neal = Redick replacement

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Excited for Gary Neal. He

Excited for Gary Neal. He played his role well on the Spurs. That shooter off the bench that could light it up any moment. He will do the same in Milwaukee.

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after passing on B mac, the Hornets had to sign Hendersen

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