The Franchise you feel most bad for that is overdue to draft a franchise changing talent ft. Jalen Green

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The Franchise you feel most bad for that is overdue to draft a franchise changing talent ft. Jalen Green

Studied up on Jalen Green recently after seeing tons of articles on the kids personality and work ethic. Seems like hes going to be a big star, and while I know hes young and that these hype trains do fall apart sometimes I'm using him as my example. So a lot has to happen since he wouldn't be drafted for at least 3 years but I'm wondering what franchise do you guys feel the most bad for and that deserves a talent like him?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately while pooling over the randomness of the lottery. I'm not saying change anything but it kills me to see a team like Brooklyn just be at the bottom of the standings every year (with no picks lol) and while it is their own fault half of the people there now had nothing to do with the trade that destroyed them. Like I feel like theyve paid there dues enough. Then we have the teams like Cleveland or Orlando a few years back that got spurned by superstars. Now I don't feel as bad for them because they got some sustained success to experience and Cleveland even got a title out of it. Though as a fan that has to suck to just have your entire hopes ripped out from under you just because one player decides to leave (not blaming the players either though). Meanwhile I'd say my Sixers are at the opposite end and while the process might have ended up being a good idea its hard for me to say that being bad on purpose really makes me feel bad for them...

So it just goes back to this, try to throw out your bias and see what teams you come up with. A lot can change in a few years and we could honestly base this on any draft but well heres my choice:

The Sacremento Kings

I can't believe I'm saying this because I definitely feel for the Magic, Nets, Bulls, and Grizzlies and I know the Kings haven't had as much misfortune as they've just been so meh in the draft and free agency, but maaaaan theyve been bad for so long. I really like Bagley but I can't remember the last time they've had a guy who you could sit down and be like this is gonna be the guy, other than maybe Tyreke Evans.

So what team has you guys in your feelings?

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My ATLANTA HAWKS..We a season

My ATLANTA HAWKS..We a season or two from hearing rumors on moving to Seattle..attdeance has been at the bottom tlahe last two years and should be at the bottom his year. They've poured millions into rennovating the current arena but I doubt that will attract fans if we're losing. If we can have Trae, Zion or RJ and this young dude we could actucally get a game or two on National TV again lol..

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Charlotte. I can't remember

Charlotte. I can't remember them ever being seriously in contention, even for the East, since their introduction as the Bobcats and reincarnation as the Hornets. The city really came alive those years with Zo and LJ and it was as a generation ago. The NBA really needs teams like this to give their fans some kind of hope, at least every 15-20 years!

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