forgotten mock draft prospects

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forgotten mock draft prospects

i need some more player choices in my mock. here are some players i have been thinking about.

jayden gardner - east carolina
david jenkins - south dakota state
quan jackson - georgia southern
michael ertel - louisiana monroe
isaiah miller - unc greensboro
kira lewis - alabama
isaiah joe - arkansas
jordan burns - colgate
jalen jordan - st francis brooklyn
nick muszynski - belmont
terry taylor - austin peay
jason burnell - jacksonville state
neemias queta - utah state
cameron krutwig - loyola chicago
jalen pickett - siena
obadiah toppin - dayton

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Kira Lewis is the only player

Kira Lewis is the only player on your list that'll be drafted some day boss

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neemis queta a 6'10 freshman

neemis queta a 6'10 freshman at utah state has a shot at getting drafted..maybe this year as a 2nd round pick...

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I love Cameron Krutwig as a

I love Cameron Krutwig as a college player, but he's not NBA material. Certainly not draftable.

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Yea those Luke Harangody,

Yea those Luke Harangody, Tyler Hansbrough types always seem to make a major impact in college, but I never could understand why that never translated to the NBA. Rebounding seems to be a skill that isn't as reliant on athleticism

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O.Agbaji Kansas freshman

O.Agbaji Kansas freshman listed as inelligible but is off reshirt status &

should be included in list of available options for mocks

intriguing player seems to have some upside

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Luke Maye, Caleb Swaningan

Luke Maye, Caleb Swaningan type player...

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Lindell Wigginton

Lindell Wigginton

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