Five Awesome NBA Podcasts

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Five Awesome NBA Podcasts

Hey, I don't know if you're all interested, but I've been listenning to a lot of NBA podcasts and thought I'd share some names. Look them up, good stuff.

The Lowe Post - Zach Lowe, formerly of Grantland, gets major names on like Jeff Van Gundy and talks NBA.

Eye on Bastketball - Zach Harper talks about the league with the CBS sports crew.

NBA Lockdown - The ESPN Crew takes major topics. Amin Elhassan is particularly great as an educated hater.

Dunc'd on - Nate Duncan is awesome. I just found this one, but they cover everyone and everything, not just major stories.

Sejou Smith's Hang Time - Really good for an alternate, independent perspective.

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Lol Amin! that dude is the

Lol Amin! that dude is the best guy ever to clown.

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Love the Lowe Post and when

Love the Lowe Post and when Bill Simmons covers basketball on his new podcast.

I don't like the ESPN guys much but I will listen to anything that David Thorpe is a guest on.

Jalen & Jacoby has its moments and Jalen has gotten much better as the podcast has gone on. Jacoby gets annoying.

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When it comes to podcasts I

When it comes to podcasts I tend to go for ones that discuss more then just basketball. I want to laugh then hopefully learn a thing or two about the NBA.

Jalen & Jacoby get the job done for me. I love their chemistry.

Bill Simmons is the "Podfather". He's the only Know-It-All I can listen to and enjoy.

The Starters offer a fans perspective on the league and they do that almost perfectly. Also they have great chemistry.

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The Bill Simmons Podcast

formerly Bill Dont Lie

formerly BS Report.

Honerable mention: Lowe Post. Especially when JVG/Shane Battier is on.

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