First time playing Fantasy Basketball

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First time playing Fantasy Basketball

Hey everyone

Long time lurker, but finally decided to make an account when I saw that someone recently posted up their fantasy basketball team and got some advice. This is my first time playing fantasy basketball and the format is 12 Team, H2H, 11 Categories.

Here's my team.

PG: Damian Lillard

SG: Dwayne Wade

G: Luol Deng

SF: Tyreke Evans

PF: Anthony Davis

F: Pau Gasol

F: Omer Asik

C: Marc Gasol

Util: Jabari Parker

Util: Tyson Chandler

BN: Vince Carter, Corey Brewer, Aaron Gordon, Ersan Illyasova, PJ Tucker

Since I picked AD with the 2nd pick, I tried to go for a rebounds/block focus. I have no clue how to use my 3 player adds weekly effectively though.

This is a pretty competitive league too that I got pulled into since one person dropped from last year, and everyone expects to trample/win easily when they face me. If you guys have any pointers or insight to offer that could prevent that from happening and allow me to be able to rub it in their faces, it would be much appreciated!

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fantasy bball

I like your team man. Great balance.

Just throwing this out there: I see there is no thread on Daily Fantasy Basketball so if your into that, check out the Fantasy Basketball area of the forum and I'll put up a DFS Basketball thread sometime today.

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you have a great team like

you have a great team like apb540 said. Really good balance. I would use one or two spots on your team as roto spots. Check the schedule for teams that play 4 games in a given week and grab some players early on in that week to maximize output. I would think that PJ Tucker, Vince, Brewer and Illyasova could be expendable. Aaron Gordon may be worth the keep just because he is unknown right now, and he actually is getting pretty good minutes.

Check and see if Chris Copeland or Perry Jones are available in your league. You need someone to hit threes and I think that Copeland is going to get a lot of opportunity in Indiana throughout the year. To me he is the most aggressive wing player they have outside of Rodney Stuckey.

Perry Jones obviously since the Thunder have zero scorers for the time being.

Always look for one a major team contributor has an ankle sprain or mild injury, take their backup immediately if you feel they can contribute. This tip works best with PG's since they will have the ball in their hands a lot. Check Donald Sloan for the Pacers as a reference. Was a DLeague player who had a double double first game of the year.

I hope this helps.

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advice above is terrible IMO.

advice above is terrible IMO. Having a balanced team is terrible in fantasy basketball. You want to punt 2-3 categories and focus your team on around 8/11 of the categories.

By doing this it makes you stronger in those 8 categories than other teams since you don't care about the reamining three categories. Having a balanced team is the best way to finish last in your league.

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Horrible advice

Horrible advice

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For adding players, think

For adding players, think about everyone on your bench there and also the free agents in the league as interchangeable. Look for the players with the most games to be played each week, sgin them and then the next week replace them with new useful players who will play more games. Right now, players like Tucker and Ilyasova can be waived and try to find P Jones or D Sloan as they said above. Look for other free agents who are starting for their NBA teams.

More point guard types might be useful, but both the Gasols can pass the ball which helps. If you have a huge amount of reboudns and blocks, then maybe offer T Chandler in a trade for another guard.

It is a very good team. Drafting Davis, Lillard, Wade, Gasol, Gasol, they should all be worth their draft position and maybe do a lot more than that.

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You have a reeeeaaallly solid

You have a reeeeaaallly solid squad my friend! I would see if I could move a few of your bench players for a stat stuffing pg or pf. Load up on those whenever you can. Tony Wroten is a good early season pick up as he normally does well in the beginning but eventually tapers off in production. Tim Duncan can help you out at a low price. Roy Hibbert is a sleeper pick, especially with David West out

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