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This would be perfect!

This would be perfect!

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Not sure if it was brought up

Not sure if it was brought up or fixed but when typing from my mobile when i hit backspace it will duplicate my words or put me at a completely different part of my post. And as im typing now the words are delayed and my keyboard dissappeared twice

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There seems to be a problem

There seems to be a problem with the Word Verification process. I am being requested to enter a 5 letter code, yet it won't accept the submission regardless of whether i've inserted it accurately or not. Wondering if anyone else has this problem?

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yep... I'm having the

yep... I'm having the saaaaame problem.

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Could you update the OG

Could you update the OG Anunoby profile so we can put him in our mock drafts? Thank you.

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problem with player not loading into mock from pool

Demetrius Jackson moved back to pool / was missing from my mock today,& will not move back to mock

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now jackson there and kris jenkins gone shows ineligible

now jackson there and kris jenkins gone in fact kris jenkins is now completely gone from pool and shows as ineligible.

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Mock draft problem


I’m a registered user since 2009, but this year, i can’t create a mock draft on your website. I can’t have a player pool and drag players into the boxes.

Can you fix that problem ? Thanks a lot.

Mathieu Mermoud from New Caledonia

ps : my computer is a Mac

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