Fear the beard

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Fear the beard

Who is the better player at the moment and in the future?

OJ Mayo or James Harden

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Right now

Harden, he's had some great games off the bench in the playoffs (but also some stinkers too such as the game right now)

But I think OJ, when he gets traded or leaves, will have a better career. He'll have more freedom than Harden to score and I think OJ is going to play better with a chip on his shoulder.

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I agree with the guy above,

I agree with the guy above, when Mayo gets traded depending what team he goes he will thrive.

If goes to a team with a scoring point guard like Deron Williams he probably won't have as much production then playing with, say, Rajon Rondo.

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I really like Mayo. He's one of my favorite players and it sucks to see him suffer so many setbacks especially in one season. I hope that he moves to a team where he can be a featured player.

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