Favors at Denver?

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Favors at Denver?

As a denver nuggets fan, this has been a wild week. Seemingly I wake up every morning to see if melo is gone, and I hope it is soon. If this widely publicized trade goes through, how do you see Derrick Favors fitting in with the nuggets, with a frontcourt already consisting of Nene, Chris Andersen, Kenyon, Al Harrington, and now AK... I mean I dont know, but that seems like a logjam for playing time especially for a somewhat raw rookie. I know kirilenko/harrington could play the SF position also, and that AK's contract is expiring; but how would you guys see Favors faring in Denver next year? potential stats?

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Good question

I think that he will be played as a back up center role. He has more length than Martin and is much stronger than Birdman so I think back up center would be the best fit. Now obviously he will get spot minutes at the pf, but like you said there is a log jam with Harrinton, Martin and even Kirilenko depending on the match up.

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Next year, when Martin and AK

Next year, when Martin and AK are off the books, he could start to develop as a Power Forward, since there will be much more room for him. If he's really some kind of Amar'e Stoudemire he would be more efficient playing the four rather than the five. Just like STAT.

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This would be a perfect

This would be a perfect situation for Favors. With KMart and Nene he would not be thrust into a starting role right away and would not be depended on to produce (as is the case with NJ for the most part). However, he could acquire skills playing in Denver that he couldn't in NJ. KMart is one of the best man-to-man defenders at the position and could teach Favors something toughness or at least push him around in practice (which wouldn't happen with Troy Murphy), and even if Nene isn't an All-Star caliber center, he's good at facing up and taking it hard to the basket, an aggressiveness that Favors could acquire.

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We're not talking about a

We're not talking about a quarterback here. I never understood the statement he's not ready. A player is only not ready when they are playing on a winning team and therefore he is not ready to make good decisions and the best plays with the ball hurting the team. But make no bones about this if the Nuggets trade Melo they are in full rebuilding mode and taking minutes away from Favors for Martin would not benefit the organization that just means he's less ready in year 2. They said the same thing about Stat his rookie year and he took the league by storm.

Another reason the term aint ready would be applied for a big man if that players need to add weight. Well Favors is a physical specimen and word out of NJ camp is that he is weighing in at 250. There are not to many big men pushing Derrick around right now. You got give this kid minutes so he can develop quicker. Letting his waste away on the bench won't help him develop and if anything will just hurt his confidence. Look at what it did to Darko, Darko himself said one of his main problems coming into the league was just sitting on the bench and having a coach tell him he's not ready, that don't do anything but take ur confidence away.

Nene could teach him a little something about driving to the basket but nobody on that team really have a great low post game that Favors could learn from. I think the Nuggets would be best suited to get rid of Martin for more young talent because they most likely won't be able to trade Nene's contract.

Favors rookie year projections if giving around 20 minutes a game: 8 points, 7 rebounds, 1.5 blocks.

If you give him around 28 minutes a game: 11 points, 9 rebounds, 2 blocks, 54 % FG.

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If he plays from Denver or

If he plays from Denver or New Jersey, he'd play PF and C. I think he'd mostly play PF though.

I expect 6-7 ppg, 5-6 rpg, and a little more than a block a night. I expect him to play around 18-20 mpg.

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if this trade goes through

if this trade goes through Denver probably looks completely different by july, when they find out what the other side of the billups iverson trade was like

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If they can get Favors + AK47

If they can get Favors + AK47 + multiple first round picks, they got a great deal for a disgruntled Melo.

I don't think Melo has what it takes to be a real Franchise player. His selfish act of asking to be traded to the Knicks while his team is still a pretty competitive team shows he wants to find an easy way out. The Nuggets is probably one legit 2nd star away from being a real contender with Billups and Melo. However, he's willing to gamble on the chance that Paul can actually join him in New York. That's really bad. The Nuggets better get the Nets deal or else I think they will only get worse offer.

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Great Potential

I think if you throw him in the fire, he will give you abt 8pg 6rbg 1bpg maybe a little more. At this stage Favors is more athleticism than skill, but his upside is tremendous. If you ever place him with a great passing point guard like Amare had in Nash and Kmart had in Kid, watch out. The only person who can stop Favors is Favors, if the Nuggets land him they get a special player if they are patient with him.

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if he really is a star like

if he really is a star like amare he will play. i mean ya some guys take time to develop, but he so long and athletic all he has to do is hustle and try to dunk everything he can. amare didnt have the forwards in front of him in his rookie year but he played and got the rookie of the year. if they arent going to win a championship(and they arent with melo gone) why stunt his growth to play k mart and al harrington. just let him play, he doesnt have to have any pressure on him he just has to play.

im rambling but my point is if he is good he will play over k mart and al harrington. of course he wont play 40mpg but he could start and get 25mpg and average 11ppg, 7rpg with a block. he should play over expiring contracts and volume shooters. but he could learn a few things from kmart on defense. favors and kmart will get the majority of the minutes at the 4 with favors getting spot minutes at c. ak47 will play the 3 with al harrington also getting minutes there and spot minutes at the 4. but i think al was brought in to help win with melo and may not fit in now melo will be gone.

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k-mart is injury prone, and i can see al playing more 3 (along with ak47) ..

still, i don't see him getting too much time. if this trade does go down, nene could really, really benefit.

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With Melo gone then serious

With Melo gone then serious SF minutes will have to be filled which I guess AK47 and Harrington would do, also don't forget AK47 can play SG even if needed. Favours I'd bring from the bench just how NJ are planning to and if he develops then look to give him some starts in due course but with him probably covering Nene at C whilst Birdman backs up Martin then a bench role suits Denver's needs more now.

Darko wasn't played full stop in his Detroit time, if Favours gets 20 mpg plus and builds this up then whether he starts or not doesn't matter. K-Mart can help him develop perhaps more than Murphy or even Joe Smith may do, Birdman can also help to tutor him and with Billups he'll have a great on court leader who will know how to make the right plays for him.

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