Fab Melo has been held back because of injury

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Fab Melo has been held back because of injury

“Fab has struggled with a sore Achilles for a number of weeks now. It’s held up his progress getting him up and down the court. He starts out well and then his foot is bothering him. That’s what has held him back.’’ -Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim

That would explain alot. I'm not sure if anyone here has had this injury but i had it in HS. I dont recall how long is lasted but i do remember that it slows you down alot from getting to half of your top speed and stops you from jumping as high as usual. it didn't hurt going side to side but going straight hurts like hell because you need to be able to push off with your foot when you run and this injury stops you from being able to do that. I can imagine trying to play through that in College which is much harder and better competition then what i faced in HS. For now ill give Melo the benefit of the doubt

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But you still had the

But you still had the strength to dunk on Jesus two nights after you and your team blew out the Harlem Globetrotters right? So he could at the least grab 10 rebounds with this injury.

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