Exciting 2009-2010 AAU players in The Summer

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Exciting 2009-2010 AAU players in The Summer

Pg- Ryan Harrow

Sg- Jt Terrell

Sf- Tony Wroten

Pf- CJ Leslie

C- Perry Jones

all these players will be stars in the NBA due to their desire to compete and always put a smile in the stands especially my favorite Ryan Harrow watchout for him in about 2 or 3 years he has a mouth and has handles like iverson. Jt terrelll the next Reggie Miller with his pull up threes and his abillity to put up 60 when hot.

Tony Wroten is the next Baron Davis he is very exsplosive with the abillity to make a defense look stupid just watch his highlight tape in vegas. CJ is the next Kevin Garnett need i say more..

Perry Jones is the next Tracy Mcgrady hands down, he looks high 24/7 with those lazy eyes and he just loves to play the game if he doesnt get soft in the league he's gonna be a highlight reel

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