European Baller You Disapoint Me !!!

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European Baller You Disapoint Me !!!

So are you telling me that the Adetokunbo brothers who were born and raised in Greece do not have a Greek passport because you guys fail to see them as Greek Citizens, what nonsense !!!!...I bet now with their rising status you guys will fast track their application. This is just incredible, you guys are luck that Nigeria have so much talent to choose from unless we would just give them a passport so that they could play for us.

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Don't worry, Rotela. We all

Don't worry, Rotela. We all somehow figured out they weren't greek from the beginning ;)

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Jeez, I really hope EB has no

Jeez, I really hope EB has no access to the internet at the moment: this thread has the potential to be the worst ever.

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Please don't call him out

Please don't call him out, the forum has been in good stead since his absence and we don't want him to resurface so soon.

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They are Greek citizens. They

They are Greek citizens. They just don't have Greek passports. The report got that wrong. You can't have a Greek passport if you never registered in the country for it.

That's the problem they have. But they are citizens. Ioannis was allowed to play for Greece junior team last summer, and you cannot do that legally unless you have citizenship. That article also got that wrong, when it said that he never played for Greece.

So, to answer your question, they have citizenship, but not passports, which is obviously a big problem of political and red tape bureaucratic issues. Ioannis has actually said nothing on this.

The older brother Thanasis was the one that talked about it a few months ago.

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i logged in just so I could

i logged in just so I could be European Basketball's 1,000th neg. It felt good.

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