Euroleague Final Four

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Euroleague Final Four

Check out Slam and Freaknick's Euroleague Adventures podcast. You can download it or subscribe for free on iTunes or at Give it a listen and post what you think.

Here are our latest ones:

CSKA vs. Regal FC Barcelona post-game reaction

Olympiacos vs. Panathanaikos

Coming Soon...

What makes a good Euroleague player? Which NBA players would be better served overseas?

Thanks, and let us know what you think.

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J.J Reddick should go to

J.J Reddick should go to Europe. He would be one of the best players in the Euroleague and maybe make more money. It would totally suit his style... similar to college basketball.

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Spain's ACB is definetely

Spain's ACB is definetely second to the NBA, but the emerging league is Greece. They are backed with big money and are attracting some good players. After that you have Russia and Italy who are decent.

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