ESPN's Top NBA Players

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ESPN's Top NBA Players

So ESPN updated their rankings of the NBA's top players. Some players may have been placed a little too high or too low. I want to know what you guys think about the list... I dont have the link but I'll enter the names below...

1. Lebron James 16. Stephen Curry
2. Kevin Durant 17. Deron Williams
3. Chris Paul 18. Chris Bosh
4. Kobe Bryant 19. Joakim Noah
5. Russell Westbrook 20. Al Horford
6. Dwayne Wade 21. John Wall
7. Tony Parker 22. Rajon Rondo
8. James Harden 23. Derrick Rose
9.Carmelo Anthony 24.Tyson Chandler
10. Tim Duncan 25. Lamarcus Aldridge
11. Dwight Howard 26. Brook Lopez
12. Kyrie Irving 27. Kevin Love
13. Blake Griffin 28. Paul George
14. Marc Gasol 29. Zach Randolph
15. Dirk Nowitzki 30. Paul Pierce

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I guess this is pretty fluid

I guess this is pretty fluid list and that's why a lot of guys seem to have dropped due to injuries.

Who would have thought 12 months ago that Rose would have been the second highest ranked player on the Bulls and that John Wall would be ahead of him.

Does anybody else think David Lee deserves a shout out? He's been consistent for the last several years, and is leading the league in double doubles this year. He can score (18.6 PPG), rebound (11.3 RPG) and pass (3.6 APG), sure he doesn't play much defense but neither do Griffin, Love or Randolph.

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Sorry for the way it looks....

Sorry for the way it looks, I didnt know typing in the right column would make it look bunched up, and for some reason it wont let me edit to correct it,

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I definitely think David Lee should be on that list, and maybe even Josh Smith also

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I don't think melo should be behind Westbrook and Parker. And I think Paul George and al horfore could switch spots cuz that doesn't make much sense to me

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Westbrook top 5!!!!! Like

Westbrook top 5!!!!! Like I've always said he was...but naw glad to see him finally getting the respect he should be getting.

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Deron Williams to low.

Deron Williams to low.

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Westbrook number 5 is a

Westbrook number 5 is a little crazy. Guys like D-Wade and Melo are still better IMO. He just turns it over and takes bad shots too often for my taste

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i have a little problem here.

i have a little problem here. drose/kevin love shouldnt be on this list. they havent played all season! (minus kevin love playing like 10 games) but i dont think they should be on this list. because when healthy to me drose is number 3, andkevin love is top 10...

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my problems: wade being too

my problems: wade being too high, melo being too low, are we talking healthy howard or grandpa howard? i would put curry and irving back to back (either way works), griffin doesnt deserve the top 20, why is rondo behind wall? i mean yeah walls going off but really? injured or not rondo>wall (at least right now)

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am i crazy

Am I crazy for thinking Kobe at this stage in his career is the 2nd best player in the league?

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amazing tim duncan is still a

amazing tim duncan is still a top 10 player. where is david lee..

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knowing that over 100

knowing that over 100 analysts (supposed to know basketball better than us) ranked them should make us feel that guys are ranked where they have to, it's kinda true..but there should be said are they ranking THIS year's performance or overall seems one ranked them in that way others in other..

Like Who makes us believe Rose is 23??he should be unranked if talking about this year, but there is no way he isn't top10 when healthy even if he won't play at that MVP caliber for the first months, same with Love this year he isn't better than Z-Bo at all, but everyone knows he is top15 at least..

Healthy Dwight might be (and should be) #3 but his worse production plus the fact (no matter it's Lakers) his team might not make playoffs you can make a case he isn't worth for top15..

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i don't agree with the top 5

it should be like this
1. Lebron
2. KD
3. CP3
4. Kobe

my honest opinion and by watching the games

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They have Derrick Rose at 23.

They have Derrick Rose at 23. I can not trust ESPN anymore.

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