Ersan İlyasova to wizards?

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Ersan İlyasova to wizards?

The Wizards have reportedly "explored" the possibility of trading their No. 3 pick to the Bucks for Ersan Ilyasova.
The rumor was mentioned by Bucks writer Gery Woelfel during a radio interview this week, and was then "confirmed" and passed along by Sam Amico. Ilyasova makes some sense for Washington, especially given John Wall's recent comment that the Wizards need a power forward who can "pick and pop," but we're firmly in the embryonic-rumor stage. Amico suggests that if such a deal did materialize, other players and picks would be involve.

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I like Derrick Williams and

I like Derrick Williams and the 9 pick for the 3rd pick option better. Williams looks like an up-tempo big. He has range too.

Then at 9 they can still get a solid player. Cody Zeller, Anthony Bennett or someone else may drop.

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The third pick for him is ridiculous as weak a draft as this is supposed to be I'd bet a lot that the third pick ends up better than him. I hate when teams are far away from winning now make win now moves just to be borderline playoff teams. Be patient build through the draft.

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thats a crazy trade. If this

thats a crazy trade. If this draft was a choice of every eligible guy in the draft, and also Ilyasova, would Ilyasova be the third pick? Not in a million years. Add the fact that Ilyasova makes more than a rookie deal and its even crazier. Ilyasova is a decent player, but he's not worth a top 3 pick even in a really weak draft.

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Acquiring Illyasova over the

Acquiring Illyasova over the upside of Otto Porter or Anthony Bennett is a risky proposition. Well the Wizards have a history of this type of thing. In 2004 they opted to trade the #5 pick for an established SF/PF In Jamison instead of going with the draft upside of Deng or Iguodala. In 2010 they made the horrendous move of trading the 5 pick for Randy Foye and Mike Miller with both Rubio and Steph Curry on the board and remind you this was pre John Wall.

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Sounds similar

to when the Pacers traded Antonio Davis to Toronto for the number 5 pick in '99. If only Jonathan Bender could have stayed healthy. That draft was deeper than this one, with Sczerbiak, Rip Hamilton, Andre Miller, Matrix Marion, and Jet Terry going after him.

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