Eric Bledsoe

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Eric Bledsoe

Has he lived up to Clippers playing days expectations ?

Seems like just yesterday he was backing up Chris Paul and was billed to be the next star when he got the opportunity. I remember a couple of ppl even called him "mini lebron".

He has always been injury prone, now averaging 15-4-5 on a strong team.

Has e lived up to expectations that were so high on him playing in CP3's shadow ? He is 29yo and is in his 9th season

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I don't think anyone expected

I don't think anyone expected much more than this did they? This is pretty much what maxing out his potential looks like, timed to perfection at age 29. This is his prime. Good player, could've been an all star this year. Was always a good pick for mid first rounder.

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A 20ppg scorer on a bad team

A 20ppg scorer on a bad team and starting PG putting up stats you mentioned on the best (record wise) team in the league from the 18th pick. He has exceeded expectations.

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bledsoe is a good shooter,has

bledsoe is a good shooter,has a great wingspan that allows him to defend bigger players.but he disappears to often and seems uninterested at times.

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He played great last night in

He played great last night in the win against Toronto. He might be as deserving of that 2nd Bucks allstar spot as Middleton.

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