Erc Maynor to Portland.

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Erc Maynor to Portland.

Not sure who or what the Tthunder get back but Maynor is headed to the Blazers.


Traded for nothing.. Got a trade exception.

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Hopefully Maynor can start

Hopefully Maynor can start fresh and get back on track!

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Portland really needed depth

Portland really needed depth at any position and Maynor wasn't getting any time in OKC and it frees up a little money. Win for both teams.

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Good move for the

Good move for the Blazers.They get a good back up pg and add some much needed bench depth.It s troubling that the Thunder gave him up for nothing but it's not like they have big needs to fill

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Eric Maynor needs to go to

Eric Maynor needs to go to Orlando and take Nelson's spot. I think he should be starting and just ran into the wrong situations

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I hope Nolan Smith enjoyed

I hope Nolan Smith enjoyed his time in the NBA.

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Portlands bench is high

Portlands bench is high school-esque. Maynor will be a great addition

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What I don't understand is why people keep saying Maynor was traded for "nothing". They gained a trade exception, and as no one has mentioned they also gained the rights to Georgios Printezis a Greek player(Don't tell Euroballer). Personally I don't know much about Printezis but we all know how good Presti is at finding gems overseas. For all we know this guy could be legit down the road.

They also gained Ronnie Brewer for a bag of chips, yes it was a separate trade but when you look at it in an overall picture they gained:

• Trade Exception (Never know when this can really come in handy)
• Ronnie Brewer (Solid defender)
• Printezis (Could be, or could not be legit down the road)

Now they lost:

• Eric Maynor (Lost rotation spot to Reggie Jackson, was playing very few minutes)
• 2nd Round Pick (Oh no they lost a 50+ pick!)

So when you look at it overall it was actually quite a good day for the Thunder, personally I was hoping for some Gortat action, but I'm satisfied with this.

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