End of Kentucky era !?

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End of Kentucky era !?

They played bad last night in another loss... Shai has been great but no one else is stepping up. I think Shai, Knox, Hami, PJ and Richards all leave.. Quade may transfer. I think he made a mistake going to UK..

Next season their recruits are ok.. I'm close to Immanuel Quickleys circle, he can be great but he is a slower PG unlike Cal is use to outside of Quade.. Herro and Keldon are nice pieces but they don't have a great class for next season.. Duke may be the new one and done school..

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This is the worst Kentucky team in the Calipari era... I'm saying that since the offseason (in earlier posts). Knox looks much better than he actually is cause he's the best in this weak group. No lottery talent in my opinion on this team, Shai, Knox and Diallo are mid to late first rounders and based on what I saw this year Washington and Richards just isn't draftable prospects in '18. People tend to overvalue them because of recent Wildcat drafting history.
I'm also really down on Wenyen Gabriel and Killeya-Jones... and I generally like Kentucky
Duke already leapfrogged Kentucky as No. 1 elite-prospect destination in 2016 and it's painfully lopsided in 2018

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Archie Goodwin team was

Archie Goodwin team was worst...I thnk Cal goes pro, Duke is the new hot bed for the top 1 and done players. Cal yells too much and yanks players out too quick, Coach K not doing all that shh..he coaches you.

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