Eddie Curry being worked out by Nets?

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Eddie Curry being worked out by Nets?

Eff-ing idiots... Pete Maraviches ghost would have a better chance of helping the Nets on the court than Curry. The only court Eddie Curry should/will have in his future will be" baby daddy court" or Federal Magistrate court... or Eddie's favorite, a "court of icecream".

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Why do team give this guy a

Why do team give this guy a chance?

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There are CAA guys and CAA

There are CAA guys and CAA teams.

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He Has Options

If the Nets gig does not work out, Eddy could alway fall back on his first love (Gymnast).

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Becuz Curry offered good low

Becuz Curry offered good low post scoring ''years ago''....Teams are hoping they can be the team that gets him back on track....He'll only be 30 in december,and this might be his last chance at reviving his career.There was a time when people thought he was better then Tyson Chandler..

Alot of people say he's washed up,but maybe if he can join them at the start of training camp,get his legs under him,get a feel for what the coach wants him to do and understands his role,he might do fine..........

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I thought he could have been

I thought he could have been a really good player, but Mike D'antoni killed his carreer when he became his coach.

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Yeah Mike D'Antoni coaching

Yeah Mike D'Antoni coaching Eddy Curry was never going to work. D'Antoni wants to run and Curry would barely run.

The Nets are hoping the same thing the Heat did last year it seems, that Curry can regain some of his past ability and be trusted in limited playing time.

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I'm still waiting for the resurgence

of Eddy Curry. He could dominate the paint with that body, the whole paint area.

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i saw him play for the heat

i saw him play for the heat and every time he stepped on the court i kept a close eye on him.

HE SUCKS. they would sub him in for dexter pittman and they basically play the same role and he did a much worst job. there is nothing there, this guy couldn't even find a consistent way to get open to get FED in the post, and once he did, he was TO and mistake prone.

he doesn't run the floor, doesn't play defense, and doesn't hustle.

his best play was an alley oop from chalmers and the whole team jumped in excitement like they couldn't believe what they just saw


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Coach Skiles

Eddy just did not want to be a basketball player. He just had a basketball player body and athletic ability. I don't think Skiles did him any favors in Chicago either. I recall one time Skiles was asked what Eddy could do to improve his rebounding numbers and Skiles replied simply...."jump." Maybe if he would have started in a place with less expectations and coaches who had an interest in developing young players he may have developed into a solid player for awhile. But that did not happen.

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Good player...poorly coached

Good player...poorly coached and developed some terrible habits. I do want to see him revitalize his career and be at least dressed in a warm up at a game

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I know this man still has

I know this man still has somthing left in the tank, I just know it, I predicted last October that by April he'd be playing meaningful minutes for the Heat and be putting up 10 and 7, but I gues it wasn't meant to be. I have no problem with the taking a chance on a guy who isn't old, and once upon a time was able to get 19 a gme. He never relied on athleticism much, so I just feel that if he gets one last chance in the right system, he can definatly show us he can still ball. There are some guys that you keep your stock in untill they just can't ball anymore, for some guys that Gilbert Arenas, for others it's OJ Mayo, but for me it's my boy Eddy.

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I kind of know what you mean.... I saw Chandler, Hedo and Curry play in Long Beach before their rookie year. He was really good though really raw. I think it also important to mention that he was not a fat slob slob then , more on that later.

During Eddie's second season he lead the league in fg%

Grantland.com had a nice article about 6 weeks ago comparing the careers of Tyson Chandler and Eddie.

Eddie had some bad luck, Skiles not the ideal coach for a young guy.

Now let's be honest deserve a ton of blame. ..... I have heard he really not crazy about Hoops and actually more into gymnastics, fair but he signed to play basketball and as such he should have busted his fat ass to earn his pay.

Eddie has had serious issues with his weight. I kind of think gymnastics would also expect a guy to eat a normal amount not pig out and say screw conditioning.

Despite earning an ungodly amount of money Eddie has been in deep financial straights. He even asked Knicks to pay him early ....remember he was earning over 10 million per year.

My take guy couldn't mange his diet or his bank account, his fault 100%.

Kindof makesme sad

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