Early Cases for Great Value Draft Picks

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Early Cases for Great Value Draft Picks

It's definitely early, but some guys have already made a big impression. I feel that these guys are already outperforming their draft position.

Kyle Guy at 55 looks great. He is undersized at 6'2", but he learned how to play defense at Viriginia and Tony Bennett. Obviously he can shoot the ball. Can he turn into a JJ Redick? Yes. Would every team in the league want a JJ Redick? Yes.

Eric Paschall at 41 looks like a Warrior rotation player already. He comes from a winning program and has experience playing a certain role. I don't think he is the next Andre Iguodala, but he fits that mold. Definitely see him getting quality minutes for Golden State this year.

Who are some of your favorite value picks?

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A little early

I share your eagerness to evaluate this crop of rookies, but I think it makes sense to at least wait until tournament play begins.

Some rookies have gotten to play one game (Hunter and Fernando for the Hawks), so I'm going to wait until tournament play or the conclusion of summer league to form my opinions.

There have been some impressive performances though!

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He wasn't drafted, but

He wasn't drafted, but Terence Davis signed a guaranteed year and a second option with Toronto. He only played once for Denver, but like with everything else that he has done throughout the draft process excelled. Late developing shot, super athlete, and great competitor who should have been taken. It also is a fantastic spot where he could realistically win minutes because there is no entrenched hierarchy on the wings there, and if you were to ask me who will fight harder for minutes Davis or Stanley Johnson I am betting on Davis.

I like Guy. He has the problem of signing a two-way deal, and has the misfortune of having Buddy Hield and less rich Bodganovic ahead of him at the 2 (with Barnes and Ariza at the 3 meaning it is less likely one slides to that spot). Not to mention Fox and a newly signed Cory Joseph at the point.

Iggy will probably have to wait his turn until the Knicks realize they aren't any good and sell off Wayne Ellington and Reggie Bullock once they become eligible to be traded (why hold on to cap room on the off chance stars come available after the inital rush in free agency/preseason/midseason), but that seems like an inevitability.

Don't get me started on Kabengele. His knees better be borrowed from Brandon Roy to justify him going #27. OKC got picks for a decade, but couldn't ask for him?

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Justin Wright Foreman out of

Justin Wright Foreman out of Hofstra was picked 53rd by the Jazz and while he had a mixed Summer League, he also had a few spectacular moments. I don’t follow the NCAA too much and I‘m pretty unbiased and always wait until the talents are in the league and it doesn’t make a different in summer league if you are RJ Barrett for example or someone like Foreman. Foreman is a little undersized at 6‘2“ but at 190 pounds has a nice frame and man this dude can let it fly from all over the court. Averaged 27 points the last two years in college and shot 43 percent from deep his senior year. Is still 21 years old and kind of still young for a senior.

What impressed me most during summer league was his bounce and his complete set of moves on offense. Had a little Marshon Brooks vibe who for sure was overrated since he disappeared after a few short years in the league but also had a Kobe light skillset and kind of an aura to his game. Don’t want to sound to excited but he just passed the eye test even if he clearly is more of a shooter/scorer in a PGs body. The Jazz have Conley, Mudiay and probably Exum ahead of him but are kind of short at the SG spot and Foreman could be a nice spark delivering scoring as a combo guard since Exum and Mudiay aren’t exactly known for scoring. Add in that Conley and Exum need to be healthy for a whole season and this guy should get the opportunity to surprise some people but we‘ll see. He at least caught my attention with his exciting game.

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Its obviously still early to

Its obviously still early to tell, alot of guys havent even played, are out of shape, are adjusting etc. With that being said heres the players that stood out for me so far.

Luka Samanic has allstar potential. I think hes gonna be an alltime great Spur. It maybe a rough rookie year for him as he adjusts and develops but he has high level talent.

Brandon Clarke has elite NBA athletisism. His jumpshot is also improving. Hes a smart player as well, runs the pick and roll like a vet. If his jumpshot is for real hes gonna be a problem. Hes like a smaller John Collins.

Kabangele should make the all rookie team. Clippers and Doc Rivers arent scared to give minutes to the young guys as long as they do what he says. Could seee him either being the 1st PF off the bench or starting at PF depending on if Doc can talk Kawhi or PG to play PF.

Keldon Johnson had a bad 1st game but responded well since. He has a real nose for the ball, great instincts. Just finds the right spot on the floor to get easy buckets. Hes gonna be an outstanding player. Nobody wouldve been shocked if he went top 10. How is it that the Spurs always seem to draft guys that should have gone 10-15 spots higher?

Daniel Gafford is a pro. Kinda wish he went to a team with established veterans where he can just fit into a role, because thats what he does. He just plays his role. Great energy guy, 2nd effort, never gets tired. Good pick.

Ignas Brazdeikis is gonna be a star and I will always be baffled on how he ended up going 47th in this draft. Hes gonna make the all rookie team for sure.

Kyle Guy has shown that what he did at Virginia is most defenitely translateable to the NBA game. His shooting is on another level. He gets so much elevation on his shot and has a ton of arc as well. Take a look at his fadeaway jumpshot, theres so much arc on it is almost as if the ball hangs in the air for an extra second.

Marial Shayok has played well for the 76ers. Its hard to say how much he will get playing there which is really a shame because I think he is ready to play in the NBA right now. However Philly drafted both Zhaire Smith and Matisse Thybulle in the 1st round, both of those players are showing progress as well and neither player is even in their rotation as of now. So Shayok will probably have a spot ready in the G League tbh.

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Alen Smailagic can crack the

Alen Smailagic can crack the Warriors rotation. I've been impressed. He moves well and makes good decisions. I like his passing and athleticism and he could be first big off the bench by the end of the regular season.

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