EA Sports vs 2K sports

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EA Sports vs 2K sports

I have a splitting love for these to companies. EA Sports does 1 thing very well. They make a damn good football game. I dont know anyone who hasnt loved madden or ncaa football. But seeing as they make those gold standard games how the hell can they possibly put out those garbage nba live games and college basketball games? Its just ridiculous. Ont the Other hand 2k sports puts out great basketball games from nba 2k to the college version(may it rest in peace). But i can honestly say ive probabl hated the 2k versions of football games. I know there are some gamers on this site so im wondering how u guys feel about the companies. Which one is better and if there was just 1 company to thrive on video game business which would it be?

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EA Sports is better overall

EA Sports is better overall in my opinion, but 2K Sports makes an AMAZING basketball game.

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I really like both. EA

I really like both.

EA Sports makes great football games like NCAA Football and Madden. They also make other good games like Fight Night, which I LOVE. There basketball games SUCK now though. NCAA basketball and Live/Elite suck. Live used to be good for like the PS2. Live 2005 was the best one, but ever since then, it started getting faker & faker and that's why it's dead now.

2K sports is good too. I never had the 2K version of football, and the last one was ESPN NFL 2K5. Even though I never had the game, most people I know said the 2K5 was better then Madden 2005. I had Madden 2005 but I never had 2K5, so I can't really judge. says it's close, because it gave 2K5 a 9.4/10 and Madden 2005 a 9.5/10. 2K's basketball games are WAYY better. Nuff' said. What ever happened to College Hoops?

I'll say 2K sports, but it's very close.

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Baseball, boxing, golf,

Baseball, boxing, golf, college sports games goes to EA SPORTS

But basketball and football is what 2K SPORTS is best at.

P.S: I MISS NFL 2K. I've grown tired of the same game every year that is called Madden.

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Yeah I wanna know why 2K

Yeah I wanna know why 2K isn't making college games anymore too

I always loved the Madden games but I really enjoyed NFL 2K3 on the PS3.

EA > 2K (Football)

EA <<<< 2K (Basketball)

EA > 2K (Everything else)

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EA everything except

EA everything except basketball. I also like their graphics better

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2k football with terrell

2k football with terrell owens on the cover for the eagles was the best football game i have ever played. nba 2k11 has set the bar for basketball games. and madden just updates the rosters and throws out a new one every year with not much difference.

all in all, ea is probably better overall(due to the fact they make a wider variety of games) but 2k has really perfected their titles.

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2k sports all the way I have

2k sports all the way

I have College Hoops 2k8 tatted above my belly button.

And with NBA 2k11 i love how i can create "06 student i.d." edition llperez and take him through his career

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