Dwight Howard or Kobe?

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Dwight Howard or Kobe?

Who throws the better elbow?

Kobe in Game 4 of the Finals or Dwight in Game 5 of the First Round vs. Philly?


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Kobe for sure

Kobe for sure. Dwight threw a muay thai elbow that was obvious and right in front of the officials. He got suspended, and it did'nt even land clean. He should have at least got his money's worth.

Kobe on the other hand has mastered the art of, as Bruce Lee might say, "fighting without fighting". Meaning he makes it look like a legit basketball play and does'nt get called. In fact, sometime he's so good at it that they actually call the foul on the other guys forehead.

Kobe wins this one hands down. (Not you Pietrus, you should keep your hands up).

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i think ima go with Dwight. he had that i jus dont give a f*** elbow. haha

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