Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard

I want to make this thread to discuss Howard's athleticism and physical well-being. It can clearly be seen in most games Howard has lacked his usual explosive dominating leaping abilities. Is his back still giving him trouble? Was he rushed through rehab? He has already said he's not where he needs to be stamina wise could this be a carry over from rushed recovery after surgery?

Something is clearly off in that regard and I want to ask, what is your take on Howard recently, and do you think he will recover to show his previous explosiveness? Personally, I think during the off-season where he can actually take time to hone his training and really put in the recovery time for his back we will all see the old Dwight.


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I personally don't think

I personally don't think Howard is happy in LA, he is so used to being "the man" on his team, I don't think he expected to play second fiddle to Kobe. His body language seems incredibly poor and sometimes it's like he's not even trying out there. I'm not so sure his back is an excuse anymore.

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Well Dwight had a serious surgery and he was initially expected to play his first game early January. He rehabbed ahead of schedule and was back out there for the beginning of the season. I've sprained my back before and it is a serious serious issue. It controls a lot, without it being right, you wont be able to comfortably run, let alone jump. As of last week, they said he was about 75-80%. At 80% and still avg 18pts 11bs is not bad at all. He's not the super athletic freak he was but he's producing. I think he'll be closer to 100% near playoff time and will definitely be back to norm next season.

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He is not playing well, his

He is not playing well, his rebounds are down, he is getting great passes from Nash that he cant finish,
I am using the "eye" tests..His numbers dont look bad on paper but is seems like he has Zero post moves. For the hype he has been getting for the last few years as consenus #1 big man, he has been a dissapointment so far in LA

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" Lakers center Dwight Howard said he briefly imagined his career being over eight months ago when doctors said a herniated disc caused nerve damage in his left leg that could have forced him to retire...

When I got hurt, I lost my whole left leg, basically, from my nerves,” he said. “That takes at least nine months to get that strength back...

It’s really, at this point, not even my back. The injury I had caused my whole left leg to just lose all strength. My nerves were severely damaged. It takes a while for those nerves to grow back and for you to have enough strength to play. All that stuff is coming back slowly."

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I think everyone is right. I think that on one hand he can improve physically but I think on the other hand he isn't happy. I will repeat what I have said. Kobe is a brilliant offensive machine but it can come at a cost to the players around him; especially when those guys can play.

Nothing is worse than "running laps" or working hard defensively only to see another player look you off and take contested jumpers fading away when you have a guy guarding you that you feel you can be effective against.

Kobe this year is making many of these shots but as a player you still feel marginalized and treated as if you are Tyson Chandler instead of a guy who himself can score 20ppg.

The thought process is also that Pau Gasol is finished. Instead I feel Pau is being mismanaged and has lost a desire to play in the situation he finds himself in.

As Nash pointed out a few games ago..there are camaraderie issues and team issues that need to be worked out before they will become successful. All players are responsible for this.

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I'm getting tired of people

I'm getting tired of people blaming Kobe. I think he could move the ball more and lock in on defense more, but he brings it every night. You know what you're going to get from him. Last night he had to carry the load offensively and defend the best point guard in basketball.

Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol? You never know what you're going to get from them. Gasol isn't aggressive at either end nor does he play with any energy. Jordan Hill plays with more energy and fight than Gasol. He doesn't even post hard. Even when he gets the ball, he doesn't do anything with it. Howard doesn't always bring it either. Yea, we know he's coming off of a major surgery, but his energy level is lacking big time. He's not even making his rotations the way he should. Somebody above said he didn't expect to play second fiddle to Kobe lol... IF Howard thought he'd be first option over Kobe, who's a better offensive player, then he was delusional. Even when Howard gets the ball, he's limited. Half of the time, he's getting stripped. Teams are fouling him and he's shooting 51%.

In regards to Howard's surgery... Yea, it was major. He wasn't even supposed to play in Dec. Did coming back so soon hurt him? I'm not sure. I doubt the doctors would've agreed to let him come back so soon if he could do further damage. It's sad to see him without his freakish athleticism, but this is why you're supposed to work on the rest of your game. Who knows if he'll ever get that freakish athleticism back.

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