Dwight Howard

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Dwight Howard

What is going to happen to all the haters if Dwight and the Magic make it to (and perhaps even win) the NBA Finals?
D-Hamp, if you're still out there, please let me know!

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I think...

they will. Howard is playing well, but match up beyond great with Cleveland. Turk & Lewis are so dangerous, 6'10 guys who can, dribble, pass, & most importantly SHOOT.

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I have a lot of respect

for DHoward and the Magic. But I think both the Lakers or Nuggets would be better matchups against them then Clevland. The Cav bigs can't match up with Lewis, and while no one can really match up with Howard, I think Z is way too slow for him. The Lakers and Nuggets have more options defensively. guys like KMart and Odom can go out on the perimeter and stay with Lewis while the bigs gaurd Howard.

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