Durant's chances to be all time points leader.

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Durant's chances to be all time points leader.

How does this injury if it is a serious as it looked impact his chances at getting the all time scoring record? Where do you think he'll rank at the end of his career? Still a long way for him to go but he is an elite shooter, even if his athleticism is reduced. Rudy Gay came back nicely.

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I think he ends up with

I think he ends up with 33k-35k. He's on almost 23k now after 12 years and he's got 10 years left at most including one where he won't play.

I think there's a few things to consider before that, like the 31.5 mil player option KD has.

If New York wants to throw 200 mil down for a player with a freshly busted ACL, I'm sure Mr Durant will decline his option. It would be true to form for the Knicks to risk carrying yet another albatross contract.

It may be an opportunity to tank again then come back in 2020-21 with KD, another lotto pick, Knox, Barrett, Robinson and DSJ. It may also be yet another chance for New York to prove their ineptitude. They may max out someone like Jabari Parker now lol.

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It’s an Achilles not an ACL.

It’s an Achilles not an ACL. One year minimum recovery. He will be 32 when the 2020 season starts which gives him a couple years on Kobe. This injury might take two years off the back end of his career. He will not get to Kareem’s number

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The chances of him being all

The chances of him being all time leading scorer with achilles injury is about the same chance as Damian Lillard hitting a clutch shot and leading his team to the NBA Finals...

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Sooooo 50/50???

Sooooo 50/50???

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He'll still be domiant

He'll still be domiant because he's 7 foot with a jumper..he might go from KD to Dirk in his prime..Dirk was hella slow but with height and that jumper he was unstoppable.

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KD is nearly 15,500 points

KD is nearly 15,500 points behind Kareem and nearly 10,000 behind LBJ who is 4 years older than him and has been in the NBA 4 years longer so to consider him ever getting past what LBJ let alone Kareem would be very hard.

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Lebron has a better chance to

Lebron has a better chance to catch Kareem at this point. He could legitimately get there in 3-4 seasons if he stays healthy. Durant has already missed almost one whole season in 2015 and is likely to miss another next year.

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