Draymond Green Trade Idea

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Draymond Green Trade Idea

Most likely, the Warriors will not trade Draymond, but its fun to entertain the idea. Here are some trades that i think would make sense. Tell me what yall think.

Warriors recieve: Al-Farouq Aminu, Seth Curry and a 2021 first round pick.

TrailBlazers recieve: Draymond "The Donkey" Green.

The only concern i have about this trade is that the Warriors are essentially making their competition better, but if this trade means keeping KD, then they really have nothing to worry about.

Warriors recieve: Derrick Favors and Jae Crowder.

Jazz recieve: Draymond Green.

This allows KD to move to the 4 and gives them a starting center when Boogie leaves.

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I get keeping KD is a thing but Draymond is an Allstar and an All NBA Defensive Player. Those returns are not nearly enough. Warriors are better off keeping Draymond and letting KD walk if he wants to. No one the Warriors trade him for would provide them with what he does, he being Green.

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