Draft day trade:BOSH to KNICKS

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Draft day trade:BOSH to KNICKS

think bout this one guys... why would the knicks wait til 2010 free agency when bosh not wanting an extension in toronto.
if i we're the knicks i'll try to acquire bosh this upcoming season.
my trade suggestion would be like this: bosh + kapono and/or banks for a sign in trade of lee + q.rich + chandler + the 8th pick of the knicks...

i think this one would be good for both teams cause the knick would only think about LBJ in the 2010 free agency cause they already have BOSH and they are capable of signing him to a max contract extension + LBJ would have much more reason to sign with the NYK in 2010, i like chandler in knicks uniform but i dont think they would keep him cause LBJ would be their SF in 2010 and years to come. while in the toronto they get LEE who could compliment the game of bargnani and they got their much needed wing player in q.rich and chandler + TORONTO got the knicks 8th pick this draft.

i think if this kind of trade could happen the LBJ quest for 2010 would be much more intriguing for the NYK..

tell me what you think bout this idea of mine..

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if i was toronto i think i would actually take this trade, you get some solid wings (chandler, q rich), a low post presence in lee, so bargs can play on the perimeter, and plus you get two lottery picks this year... and you would only give away bosh, who doesnt want to be here, and moeny making bench warmers kapono/banks

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Why would the knicks make

Why would the knicks make that trade? They give away all their young talent for Chris Bosh who I think is overrated and Jason Kapono who is grossly overpaid. If they want him they can sign him in a year. I'd rather have Amare though besides his health issues.

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I don't like it

NY gives up way too much, when Stoudemire is better, and flourishes in D'Antoni's system...I think Bosh going to Chicago for Deng and Tyrus Thomas and the 14th pick is much better trade!!!

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