Dolan looking to Sell the Knicks

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Dolan looking to Sell the Knicks

He's asking 5 Billion. First of all, lets all bow our heads in prayer and thank the Lord for his mercy.



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Weren't the Knicks recently

Weren't the Knicks recently valued by Forbes or something at around 4 billion? Not sure he'll get 5...

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I think Balmer paid like

I think Balmer paid like twice the money of what was the value of the Clippers when he bought them but I‘m not sure.

If Dolan really wants to sell the franchise I think 5 billion is a realistic number considering that the holy MSG will probably be involved too. I also just read a few dass ago the franchise is currently listed as 4 billion and this will be interesting to see who is entering the bidding process and how that does change the league (if at all) one of the most iconic teams in the league will get a heavy makeover.

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Forbes valued the Knicks at

Forbes valued the Knicks at $3.6 billion in one of their most recent surveys still making them the richest NBA team and the 4th richest sports team in the USA. Considering they are a perenial losing team if they were legit contenders you could see them being worth well over $4 billion.

$5 billion might be a bit of a stretch. Ironically there was a rumour yesterday that a Saudi Crown Prince was mulling over making a $4.9 billion bid for Manchester United FC. Man Utd is currently valued at around $4 billion so this might be where Dolan is getting his price from.

What an owner wants and an opening bid are different though, Man Utd would probably go for well over $5 billion whilst Dolan has put a ballpark figure out there and might be prepared to negoiate down to something nearer $4.5 billion. If he'd have said he was looking for that originally then offers could have been lower but setting a higher price he can probably get higher offers in and negoiate down a bit to nearer a price he would accept. He'd not going to let it go cheap but he might have a range of say $4.5 to $5 billion so the nearer he gets to the 2nd figure the better for him.

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