Does the other UK big man declare?

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Does the other UK big man declare?

I know people have been talking about Noel's ACL injury, and whether or not he would declare for the draft, but I find WCS to be a more interesting topic. He is now playing 32+ mins since noel's injury and putting up great numbers.

Do you guys think WCS is gonna come back for another year? Also How do WCS and Andre Drummonds Frosh years compare so far?

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TBH, i think Poythress should

TBH, i think Poythress should stay. he can back up the sf and pf position next year.
Will Cauley's game is made for the nba. He is the fastest player on UK at 7'1, and one of the fast players in ccb.
I think he's a better prospect than Cody Zeller. can you say that without getting a ton of negs?

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Nah....Will Cauley is

Nah....Will Cauley is gone..........since Noel has been out he's set his career high in points,blocks and rebounds making him even more intriguing to scouts.

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Interesting question, as UK

Interesting question, as UK do have an incoming class of 6, so what will happen if these 6 come in and less then 4 declare for the draft (they have 2 seniors leaving anyway)?

He also has to remember that Noel still could declare, as some scouts still consider him a lottery lock even with the injury.

I think that he's pretty inconsistent and this increase in minutes will bring out his true colours. His performance in the NCAA will decide whether he declares or not imo.

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He will be a lottery pick so

He will be a lottery pick so I am guessing he will be gone. With all the players UK is bringing in next year it would really help to have a holdover or two but those aren't the type of players Coach Cal recruits.

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