Do we get a Gonzaga-Butler Final this year?

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Do we get a Gonzaga-Butler Final this year?

With all the upsets this year in college basketball, Gonzaga will be ranked number one next week if it can take care of business. Plenty of parity this year but Gonzaga is doing great and is hanging in there with the big boys.

The Butler Bulldogs are back and having a great year.

Is this the year that we see our two favorite Cinderellas in (Gonzaga and Butler) in the title game?

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Some team is gonna take

Some team is gonna take advantage of Gonzaga's midget guards and interior defense. For as good as Olynyk is offensively he's pretty awful defensively. Who is their interior defender?
That's how Illinois beat them. They carried the little guards to the cup, drive n kick, forced the weak interior defenders to overcommit and shot over them from the outside.

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Gonzaga ranked #1 overall wouldn't

Gonzaga ranked #1 overall wouldn't be a Cinderella lol.

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such a shot in the dark, to

such a shot in the dark, to predict the national title game.

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Not a chance. I doubt Gonzaga

Not a chance. I doubt Gonzaga makes it past the Sweet 16.

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Gonzaga is the perfectly

Gonzaga is the perfectly built college bball team.

A knockdown 3 point shooter at the point in pangos
A shut down defender in Gary bell
Mike hart a legit shooter
Elias Harris (mvp of this team) solid pro and vet who keeps his cool.
Kelly olynyk probably the best post player in cb this year and is a solid vet and pro

Then dower who is nice off the bench

This is the zags year

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OK, first of all, Mike Hart

OK, first of all, Mike Hart does a lot more for that team than just a "legit shooter" he is basically the heart and soul of that team. Every loose ball, every hustle play, it's all him. He might not do a lot on offense, but he does almost everything else on defense and hustle plays. And yes, he can knock down the occasional jumper.

I went to Gary's High School at Kentridge, and he is a KNOCK DOWN SHOOTER. Don't forget, he shot 48% from 3 last year, and hit 4 3's against BYU yesterday (3 of them in the first 10 minutes). He is lethal from 3 point range. He was Mr. Basketball for Washington State in 2011 and he's a lot more than just a shut down defender.

Elias and Olynyk are NBA prospects this year, and Pangos has made a very good name for himself too. Stockton is a great distributor like his dad (even though he threw a terrible pass to Olynyk that cost them the Butler game), Dower is a great 3rd post guy in their rotation, and they have a lot of depth. I agree with you that the zags are a perfectly built basketball team, but I was just thinking you didn't give the guys enough credit. The zags will go past the sweet 16

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What do you guys think about

What do you guys think about the NBA chances of Elias Harris. He really is the backbone of the team and a solid allrounder. He hasn't really developed into a great scorer and his 3 point shot is awefull this season.

Has he a chance to sneak into the 2nd round as a senior or a chance to be invited to some training camps? I think he could be a 9th man on any team bringing energy of the bench a la Chris Singleton or a poor mans Alonzo Gee.

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