Do Black NBA players respect Black NBA coaches?

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Do Black NBA players respect Black NBA coaches?

It seems that even the best Black coaches are just toys in the hands of young superstars like Howard and D-Will. Are young Black athletes willing to follow the lead of black coaches or is the writing on the wall for this generation of Minority coaches?

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what thee? is this racist?

what thee?
is this racist?

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Sloan white, SVG ditto....

Who exactly did Howard get fired??? I assume post is claiming Howard threw Brown under bus? SMH

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All people are different.

All people are different. Like 70% of the NBA is black so many do respect black coaches. I don't think you can generalize race here. Avery Johnson is a demanding hard nosed coach, I don't think his race had much to do with this rift. Mike Brown can't coach offense and is vastly overrated.

Look what Mike Woodson is doing in NY.

Look what Larry Drew III is doing in Atlanta.

Look what Lionel Hollins has done in Memphis.

All those guys have dealt with stars, Hollins whipped Z Bo into shape!

Race generalization annoys me sometimes, every human is different. Put Doc Rivers on the bench in LA or NJ and you'd see a hell of a lot of respect towards him.

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Well said Joe Wolf....

Well said Joe Wolf....

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ditto that Joe Wolf. Brown and Johnson's race had absolutely nothing to do with them getting fired. their teams were just not meeting expectations. simple as that.

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I would hope that a player

I would hope that a player respects his Coach regardless of colour ( I'm UK based hence different spelling) and what sort of lesson would it send out if a black player disrespeced a black coach more than a white coach. As Joe Wolf rightly states above all coaches have different personalities and styles and coach players in different ways so there will be personality clashes etc.

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My take...

Players respect winning and winning cures everything. When things are good players will tolerate or even enjoy coaches who may or may not (Scott Brooks) be the best coach because the winning makes all things better.

If you lose and the pressure or result falls on the players; players will always deflect. Most players will not say; "I'm not very good and need to improve". They will find a reason why there is not the success they are looking for. I coach at the high school level and no matter the talent level or the coach's history of coaching teams that won...when you don't win some parents and some kids will say the coach doesn't know what he is doing. Because losing makes it seem like everything the coach says or does is wrong or bad.

This isn't just limited to coaching; it is any leadership position. The POTUS (no matter what side you fall on) is in a position to make decisions. To some he is lost to others he has done good things. It depends on what your life is like or your background.

Being in a leadership position is never easy.

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