Dirk Nowitzki v. Paul Pierce

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Dirk Nowitzki v. Paul Pierce

A couple of friends and I have been arguing for about a week now over who is more clutch, Dirk or "The Truth", Paul Pierce. They're all a little head high because of Pierce's recent success in clutch situations with the Wizards (Those two, almost three, buzzer beaters he hit against the Hawks). I pulled up stats to support my opinion that Dirk is more clutch, but they weren't satisfied because they claim most of Dirks shots must have come during the regular season not the post season. Here is the first page I used to support my opinion :


Both players have their Championship ring, but both did it in different ways. I know my opinion is biased, but I feel its fair to say Dirk played a bigger role in his teams championship, than Pierce did for his teams. Don't get me wrong Pierce played a huge role in his teams championship, but he had a little bit more help than Dirk did in my opinion. Boston was known for their "Big 3", at the time of their championship. Pierce had the help of future hall of famers Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, not to mention Rajon Rondo who was very impressive in Boston's Championship run.

Dirk's Championship team was much different from Pierce's. Pierce had the help of, what some would call "superstars", while Dirk did not. By no means am I saying Dirk didn't have a supporting cast, afterall he did have 3 of the top 5 all time three point shooters at the time on his team (Kidd, Peja,Terry). Dirk was the backbone of his championship team. He is One of 5 players in NBA history to win a title without a second allstar player. He is also One of 3 players in NBA history to make 2 finals without a second All Nba Performer (I found this information in a post from this wedsite. The link is farther down this page)

Many would say the clutch factor doesn't come into play until the last five minutes of a game, and if that is the case than I feel its safe to say Dirk was clutch during his championship run. He led the Mavericks to a 15 point comeback against OKC with about 5 -6 minutes left in the game. He also led Dallas to a game 2 victory over the Heat in Miami in the NBA Finals (Down in the series 1-0) after trailing by 15 with 5 minutes left.

I personally feel that success in the last 5 minutes of a game isn't the only way a player can be clutch. In my opinion performing well in an entire elimination game in the post season is also clutch. I was able to come across Dirk's stats in elimination games, unfortunately I wasn't able to find Pierce's, but I'd love to hear his stats in such games if anyone can find them. Here are Dirks career numbers in elimination games.

28.7 points per game
11.7 rebounds per game
49 FG%
39 3PT%
89% FT%
Only player in NBA history with 14 30+ point elimination games
I found these stats from a post on this website:


The man, who is 1 of 6 players in the 50-40-90 club, almost matches those club numbers in his playoff elimination games.

While I pulled up the stats to back up my opinion, my friends kind of just spewed their opinions with no stats to support what they were saying. They weren't satisfied with stats I provided because. like I said earlier, they claim that "Dirk's clutch shots probably came in all regular season games, not the playoffs", so I went on to look up postseason clutch stats. The following page shows players with 10+ POSTSEASON game tying/go ahead Field Goal attempts in the last 24 seconds of the 4th quarter/Overtime since 1997.


Keep in mind that this doesn't include Pierces 2 recent buzzer beaters, so he is really 6-20. A solid 30.0%.
Dirk is 38.5% according to the chart.

I've tried to look up Paul Pierce's clutch stats in the playoffs, but all that comes up are articles about his recent buzzer beaters. If any one could find these stats, or any stats that apply to this conversation please post them.

So who is more clutch, Dirk Nowitzki or Paul Pierce?

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2011 NBA Finals

Dirk carried that Mavs team to an NBA Championsip.

Paul Pierce is a great player, and one of my favourites, but Dirk has a near unguardable shot, so I'd have him with the ball down 1 to win the game.

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