Dion Waiters

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Dion Waiters

Let me start this off by saying, I totally dislike the mock draft. I think it's so random and doesn't even take care of team needs, but I really think the Cavs shouldn't draft Ben McLemore, either try to trade and get Aldridge or draft Nerlens Noel.

I wasn't a Dion Waiters fan last year, and I didn't like the Dwyane Wade comparisons, but over the 2nd half of the season he really impressed me with his game. I like his mid-range game, his off the dribble game, his strength and athleticism attacking the basket, and his ability to create for other, I really think The games of him and Kyrie vs. John Wall and Bradley Beal will be entertaining for the next 5-10 years. I think he could be a D-Wade lite type player and that's why I don't think the Cavs should touch McLemore. I see tons of people say Dion should come off of the bench and I don't agree. Not only does he have the great offensive game that i mentioned earlier, he has already been talking to Mike Brown about working on defense. He's already working out this summer, he's in much better shape, the best shape i've ever seen him in since he burst on the scene at Syracuse. He's also trying to focus on his balance, for his whole offensive game but especially his jumpers and he has also been working on endurance.

Which brings me back to McLemore, we keep talking about the potential things he could do, but as of right now, he can't really create for others, he can't really create for himself, he's a great catch and shoot guy, a great athlete and a good but not great defender. We don't know if Mclemore will ever develop those other strengths that Dion already has. Dion is also only 14 months older, so the age really isn't a factor.

I wasn't a believer last year, but I like Waiters. I think he'll be a star in this league, same thing with Bradley Beal. The Cavs shouldn't touch McLemore. Waiters and Kyrie are the future.

Here's a video of Dion working out this summer.


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You are right, he looks in

You are right, he looks in excellent shape. I haven't seen him in this shape before, as I didn't follow him coming out of high school. Looks like a completely different man compared to him rocking up to the summer league haha.

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If I was the Cavs I would try to move out or down if I could for an established player . I wouldnt touch Noel at 1. He needs to add weight and his knee worries me way to much.

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both kyrie and waiters have

both kyrie and waiters have the ability to break down defenses so i would look for ways to surround them with as much shooting as possible. both have the ability to shoot the ball too so this combo could drive defenses mad. not necessarily for the #1 pick but i would to try to grab someone like granger who is going to be on his last year already or so there isnt too much commitement/risk.

if they were to draft big, i would look into len because he has some touch on his shot and can hit out to the free throw line. with kyrie and dion getting into the paint at will, the defense is gonna have to live with their layups or open jumpers for len. this scenario i would most likely trade down a few spots

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man he looks is such better

man he looks is such better shape than at the beginning of they year. Looking at him to have a big year for sure. Need a healthy Kyrie though

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Am I the only one who thinks

Am I the only one who thinks Otto Porter is the perfect fit here but wot get drafted by the Cavs because Gilbert thinks he can get Lebron

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Totally agree with everything

Totally agree with everything you said. Dion hates the idea of coming off the bench yet people and even the creator of this site, keeps suggesting that he comes off the bench. Some things won't work and that is one of them. Definitely excited to see what he can do next year though.

"You gon learn today!"

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i love Dion style of play, he

i love Dion style of play, he has to it somthing special, old feshion full of character and manhood, like you said just need to work on defense and will be fantastic player.

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