Dimitrios Katsivelis And Giannoulis Larentzakis

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Dimitrios Katsivelis And Giannoulis Larentzakis

Neither of these Greek players are getting any attention from NBA, but they should be.

Katsivelis is auto draft eligible this year. He is quick, fast, and athletic.

He has good ball handling skills, he is good at penetration, and he is also good at passing and play making.

He finishes strong around the basket also. His jump shot needs work, but he has 3 point range, and he is getting better at shooting all the time.

His defense is absolutely OUTSTANDING. He can guard the 1 or the 2 and he is absolutely a terrific defender at either position.

He also has really good size for a point guard at 6-6 with a 6-8 wingspan.

Giannoulis Larentzakis is a very good scorer. He is a 6-5 shooting guard and he is very talented in scoring ability. He is one of the best young scorers in Europe, and he is a better scorer than many European players that appear on these mocks.

Larentzakis is not in the draft, but he should be drafted in the future.

Katsivelis is in his auto draft year (even though if he was American he would have just completed his junior college season) and he should be drafted.

He is a VERY good player considering his age, and would be a big college star if he was playing in the NCAA.

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You all heard it here first.

You all heard it here first. Two more Michael Jordan clones out of Greece! AMAZING!

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You said that so you can get

You said that so you can get points.
Point whore.

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Thanks in advance.

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Alasdar Frazier

Have you heard of Alasdar Frazier from the university of maine (I go there) He averaged 13 points a game and 8 rebounds. He was 8th in points per game, 4th in rebounds per game, second in blocks per game and 5th in field goal percent in the American east conference. He also lead the FIBA under 20 european championships in scoring with 20 points per game. He would be leading the first division in greece in scoring but he chose to come to america because he knows nobody cares about the greek league. He is projected to be a 6-7 version of kevin love.(obviously this is a joke) Bottom line these stats are the truth about him, but who cares what you do against scrubs in the American east conference, there are rarely NBA guys who come from there, JJ berea is the only one I can think of. You keep telling us about how good all these greek players are and yet none of them have made it to the NBA. They should just ban his IP address for good on this site.

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Please tell me that there isn't going to be a spelling quiz on these names later on.

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Anyone else try to be a Super

Anyone else try to be a Super Saiyan before? My third attempt was like, a week ago.

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