A different view of Kahn?

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A different view of Kahn?

Brian in Chaska, MN:
Kahn seems to get torched by everyone. Am I the only one that thought trading Randy Foye and Mike Miller for Rubio and 2nd round picks for Beasley were the steal of the past 2 years?

Steve Kyler:

I was one of those people torching Kahn... but after spending some time with some Wolves front office folks at Summer League - their read on Kahn - and some of them left great jobs to join him - was totally different than mine.

Rubio will play for Minnesota, and getting Beasley for the change in your pocket is a steal... now whether it all comes together under Kurt Rambis remains to be seen.

I was staunchly in the "cluless" category before Summer League... I am now in the "Wait and See" category... He's doing a lot of things right behind the scenes.

He's made some really smart front office hires, we'll see if it turns in to anything.

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