Deyonta Davis Outstanding Defender

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Deyonta Davis Outstanding Defender

I think people are sleeping on Davis. He seems to have elite defensive ability. Reminds me of a smaller Hassan Whiteside although what makes Davis so amazing is his intangibles. He seems to have elite coachability and understanding of his role which is rare nowadays.

At 6'10 with a massive wingspan and good core strength Davis projects perfectly for the C position in today's NBA. He is a lockdown defender with a high IQ with the agility of a guy like Willie Cauley-Stein which will allow him to defend virtually any position.

Currently has him mocked in the 2017 draft at #11. I'd say that is a fair assessment provided his offensive game does not show development by then. Although Davis has shown an improving midrange jump shot and face up abilities it is hard to tell he has anything other than basic post up abilities because he sticks to the fundamentals so much we don't really know what he has in his back pocket.

If he entered his name in this years draft I see him going likely 8th-13th and with a chance to even slip in the top 5 if he shows offensive skills in workouts. Sounds farfetched but I really believe in this kid and I'm almost certain that as a Tom Izzo product he will continue to improve.

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being a state fan and

being a state fan and watching plenty of games.. he should stay another yr.. still raw and needs to get stronger which leads him into foul trouble at times.. if he declares this yr he'll likely go in the late lottery if he workouts well.. hes only averaging 7 and 5.. of course i want him to stay another yr with the recruiting class we're getting next season

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I would draft him at 12.

I wish you "a Gary Harris" though.

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winston + jackson(god

winston + jackson(god please...) + davis = championship.. Very excited to watch all those guys ball at the breslin next year.

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Early in the year I put on a

Early in the year I put on a MSU game to watch Valentine and I remember a play Davis had. He played solid post defense and got a block then got out on the fast break with a rim run and got a layup on the other end.

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for selfish reasons

I want Davis to stay another year at MSU. I think Izzo can grow his post up game (look at Costello and his hookshots. He couldn't do any of that when he got there).

But more importantly, I want to see him with Bridges and Josh Jackson (I hope!!!). That along with Tum Tum, Harris, McQuiad and Shilling would mean a team tailor fit to the Izzo style of play.

But if I were him, I'd leave, and I can't fault the kid for that...

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I really, really hope he

I really, really hope he comes back for another season.

It would be a risk to draft him high. His draft stock might be similar to Noah Vonleh where they both didn't log heavy minutes or put up good stats but were drafted on "potential"

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