Detroit Pistons trade

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Detroit Pistons trade

Pistons have been looking good as of late. They beat all the top teams at least once. But it’s still obvious they need to make a trade for a better wing (sg/sf). If there were availablePlayers that the Pistons can trade for one would it be?

#1) John Wall although he is not a shooting guard or a small homework he is still in upgrade for Reggie Jackson and also to martin seems to be low or John wall so the piston skirt is still similar to like how they got Blake Griffin

#2) Would be Bradley Beal. He would thrive in Detroit. Also he can have a Richard Hamilton type role and plus it makes him more effective because he can score in many ways.

3) Brandon Ingram- he would be a great fit. Young, lanky player, who can shoot anywhere ..and There wouldn’t be as much pressure on him. He seems not to mesh too well with LBJ, so maybe he could use a change of scenery

4) Rodney Hood— Cavs aren’t goin anywhere this season. Pistons could steal Hood away from the Cavs. There was interest last season for him but the deal didn’t fall through. He’s a good shooter who can play multiple positions as well as create offense from the inside and outside .

Is there anyone else who should be co considered? We can talk about contracts but anything’s possible in the nba. No one would’ve guessed BG would’ve came to the pistons after signing a big contract in the offseason last year.

5) CJ McCollum— worth a shot right?

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None of the above. Pistons

None of the above.

Pistons have won 5 straight and are 4th in the East. They are on a win streak and have only played 20 games compared to 3rd seed Phillys 25 games. They beat the Raptors in Toronto and they just beat Golden State with Curry. You gotta just give Dwayne Casey a chance to work his magic im tellin you this guy is a miracle worker. He may not be the best x's and o's guy or the best at developing young players but he creates great team chemistry a winning enviroment makes everyone perform at their best within their roles. Stanley Johnson is playing the best basketball of his career, Reggie Jackson is coming back into form and Blake Griffin is rebounding again lol.

If you can get Wall for pennies on the dollar make a move but right now things are working and they will likely continue winning for a home seed out East if not overtaking the Bucks and winning their division.

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Im quite happy with our

Im quite happy with our Pistons. Do i expect them to win a championship - NO but they might be able to win a first round playoff series.

Reggie Jackson isn't great but he comes off the books soon and we don't have to play him 40+ mins a night anyway.

All us fans are singing the praises of Dwane Casey.

Luke Kennard is injured but coming back soon. The guys was in the top 20 3 point % as a rookie last season.

I would give up a second rounder for Mario Hezonja or Furkan Korkmaz but that not going to happen.

Would also be nice to have one or both of the Morris brothers

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Blake Griffin is carrying the

Blake Griffin is carrying the team, although Drummond has big board numbers. The roster is in desperate need of improvement, despite some short term overachieving. Same as every other team, they need to move guys who aren't going to be part of a winning future.

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Drummond is playing well

Drummond is playing well also, his offense has been better since Blake came over. I wouldn't mess with this team, get a young guard in the draft and your a top 5 seed in the east.

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The only one I can imagine

The only one I can imagine them getting that wouldn't decimate their current core is Rodney Hood. He could definitely be useful to them if they got him at the right price. The only issue is I'm not sure the Cavs would want what the Pistons would be willing to deal for him. The Cavs undoubtedly want first round picks, young players, and for the team to take one of their onerous contracts.

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