Derrick Rose to the T'Wolves

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Derrick Rose to the T'Wolves

He's only a shell of his 2011 self, but how does Derrick Rose do in Minny? I think reuniting with Thibs can give him a second wind for this year at least, but not sure how his minutes will be if he's coming off the bench with his reunited coach.

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I think Rose was more athlete

I think Rose was more athlete than IQ. He just doesn't impact the game without his hops. Some guys can do it (Livingston, Hill, Hardaway)...some guys can't.

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Thibs is doing a disservice

Thibs is doing a disservice to that roster if Rose cuts into Tyus Jones' playing time.

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I was such a huge fan of Derrick Rose in college and when he entered the league. I loved the fact that he was humble, quiet, and thoughtful.

As a non-American NBA fan, his low-key approach to fame, bravado, ego, and celebrity really resonated with our culture and fans. He was my favourite player and I was ecstatic when he won MVP. I loved the fact that the future of the NBA had humble, down-to-earth dudes like Rose and Durant leading the charge.

With those memories in mind, the comments you guys just made about this signing would have seemed insane only a few years ago.....


You're absolutely correct :'(

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With Jimmy Butler being out,

With Jimmy Butler being out, adding D-Rose probably makes sense as he can play minutes around the key guys to reduce their workload. Things didn't work out for him in Cleveland but if he can find his New York/post Chicago injury level again he can still be a good contributor.

The MVP pre injury D-Rose has gone and whilst he may not be able to refine his game as Holefillers correctly says. Maybe he can play in short bursts as an impact guy from the bench and get to the basket on occasion. The team can create screens for him as KAT draws double teams to allow him to slash to the basket.

Also when Butler is back it gives them a smallball option with Rose alongside Teague and Butler and Wiggins as forwards in an almost Nellyball type line up with KAT or Gibson at 5. This would only be for certain points in a game or maybe if they were chasing a game and Taj went to the bench.

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I wouldn’t expect him to play

I wouldn’t expect him to play much. Teague is the starter at pg, and jones has firmly entrenched himself into the backup role. They already have Jamal Crawford as their primary shot creator off the bench and rose has never proven to be a guy that can play off the ball. I think this move is primarily just insurance in case another one of their rotation backcourt players goes down, at least they will have someone with experience to fill in.

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