Derrick Rose trade value

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Derrick Rose trade value

What offers would the Bulls acept for the first pick? Would you take Dwyane Wade for the top pick if you were Chicago? What other current players would make for an interesting trade one for one? Durant?

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GMs don't usually trade away

GMs don't usually trade away the #1 pick unless its a fantastic offer. If D-Wade was offered im sure they would seriously consider it. If it wasn't for all the injury problems, i believe they would do that deal in a heart beat.

As for any other offers.....i don't think the Bulls will bite and just keep their #1 overall pick just like every team in that position would do.

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Reply-GM's don't usually trade away.

First of all the idea of getting Wade is ridiculous for a few huge reasons. He's an experienced NBA all-star who Miami has built their franchise around, they would not risk trading the face of their franchise for a rookie who has never played a game in the NBA, and the Bulls would trade Heinrich for someone not their new #1 pick out-of-college-stud.

The Bulls and Heat both look great for next season so I don't think they will be making any changes in their rosters as of right now. In two years if Rose turns into a great player made this trade happens.

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Bayless going to Portland

Portland got another great future star in Jerryd Bayless. Trading him for Brandon Rush (13th pick) will give portland an upgrade in the backcourt. He is a super athletic guard who can shoot, defend, and can play either guard spot. It was shocking to see him get drafted at no.11, after being considered to go as high as no.2. He will be a great guard for years to come, just like all the other great guards to come out of Arizona.

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Porpsed trade NOT REAL

The Miami Heat trade Dwyane Wade Deaquan Cook and a future draft pick to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for the draft rights of 1st pick Derrick Rose and the player contract of Ben Gordon.

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