Is Deron Williams a top5 pg THIS YEAR

Bob Ball
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Is Deron Williams a top5 pg THIS YEAR

Has Deron performed like a top5 pg this year . My friends and I were debating. Alot of my friends seemed to be stuck on what he's done in the past but I'm asking as of this yr. honestly he seems disinterested and has played all that well since becoming. Net period not just this yr. my friend said name 5 playing better I came up with 6 maybe 7. Chris Paul Rondo WestBrook Irving Curry Lilliard and Tony Parker. Am I way off or have they all performed better than Deron?

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Deron Williams IS a top 5

Deron Williams IS a top 5 point gaurd. but this year he has not even played like a top 10 pg. thank god he has the rest of the season to pick it up

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No he hasn't, and if you're

No he hasn't, and if you're talking about performance so far, there really is nothing to debate. He's also been playing with bone spurs in his ankle that require surgery and a bone bruise on the wrist of his shooting hand, so take that into consideration.

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Bob Ball, your friend isnt

Bob Ball, your friend isnt the only one in the past. However you must be sure to clarify...this season only.

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raymond felton

You gotta add felton to pg's playing better then deron this year as well.

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But he hasn't been in my mind, ahhh, ever.

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When I first read the title I

When I first read the title I thought he isn't even a top 10 PG this year. He has the talent to be top 5 every year but this just isn't what he is capable of. Remember when there was a CP3 DWill debate?

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I've given Deron Williams

I've given Deron Williams every excuse possible. His injuries and the fact he was traded to a horrible team. I've considered these things.

However, this is the third season he's been in a shooting slump. I feel like he's been known most for having a poor attitude in Utah, complaining about Jerry Sloan, injuries and complaining about Avery Johnson.

It looks like we have an unhappy player (you have to wonder where his head is at and if he still even has the desire to stay a great player) who's on an early decline due to injuries.

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Joe Johnson has killed the Nets franchise. Deron is suffering because of the ball-stopping of Johnson. Deron game doesnt not seem to be on point and in my opinion he is not playing not a top 5 pg right now.

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joe johnson

Has actually been the better player of the two. He has contributed to more wins then dwill this year. They're both not shooting well though.

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This is first time the Nets

This is first time the Nets have been over .500 since 06-07. This is the best year they've had in 6 seasons. How are they worse off than last year or the year before?

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this year

he is not a top 5 PG... but by the end of the year may get up there.. Cant get worse .. Right?

i'm jus so offended
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Here's the list I can come up

Here's the list I can come up with that all have been better than Deron this season. Keep in mind, I am a huge Illinois fan and thus used to argue the case for Deron being better than CP:

Steph Curry
George Hill
Mo Williams
(in very limited time) maybe even put Stevie Nash and Rubio above him. Very disappointed in the $90mil man so far

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I think there can be little

I think there can be little doubt that CP3, Rondo, Westbrook, Parker, Curry, Holiday and Irving have been better than him this year. That being said Williams has proven himself over his career and he's been bothered by that wrist injury all year. It wouldn't surprise me if re-emerged as a top 5 PG next season. Also lets give credit where credit is due, PG is probably the deepest position in the league right now.

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Ever since he has gone to the

Ever since he has gone to the Nets, Deron's shooting percentages have gone down. His three point % is especially lower this year. He has not been playing like a top 5 pg, but he definitely has the ability to.

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I don't see how the OP can

I don't see how the OP can say he has been "disinterested". He's playing his heart out. Just his jumper is broke. It is killing him. It is like he had something that he thought he could rely on and it betrays him game after game. I don't think he knows how to play the game without a jumper. He should probably try to talk to Rondo or Kidd or Magic and see how they did it. It is hard to do this as a PG. If a wide open three is no longer a good shot, it is tough to play. Anyway, the rest of his game is solid. But no, you can't shoot a terrible percentage and still be a top 5 PG. It doesn't matter how good the rest of your game is. You can't overcome this type of shooting percentage.

But I'm optimistic about him pulling this together. I think being the face of the franchise in a new city (where celebrities come to every game) has been tough for him. But he will get used to it. And there are other scoring options on the team. So he can survive with a broken jumper.

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