Dennis Schroeder declares for NBA Draft!

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Dennis Schroeder declares for NBA Draft!

Dennis Schroeder 6'2 Point Guard who plays in Germany. Everybody thought he would declare in 2014, but I guess do to the weak draft he is declaring this year. DraftExpress had him at #17 in the first round on their 2014 Mock Draft. Schroeder is playing in the Nike Hoops Summit tommorow.

Jonathan Givony‏ @DraftExpress
Dennis Schroeder will enter the 2013 NBA Draft, his agent Ademola Okulaja tells us.

Jonathan Givony‏ @DraftExpress
Another strong practice for Dennis Schroeder and Sergey Karasev. Both guys have really helped themselves this week according to scouts.

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Late First - Early Second

He's a good prospect, he has the athleticism, defense and the ability to penetrate that will help him get a good look from teams, his shot i kind of off though so he'll have to work on that. i say late first round- early second round as a draft and stash, depending on the team that takes him he may spend one year overseas or multiple.

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Wow just saw his scouting video....has all the tools necessary to be a really good point guard.

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I've been a fan of his for a

I've been a fan of his for a while. I think he'll be a lock for 1st round to be honest. I'm not sure about lottery, but anything is possible in this weak draft

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If he's going to be drafted

If he's going to be drafted in the first round I think he should stay here and develop his NBA game rather than going back to the German league.

If he can impress tonight against Harrison and has good workouts, he's a lock for top 20.

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Due to Smart's return

Due to Smart's return, Schroeder's stock should see a steady rise probably into the first round in my opinion. He's an untypical European prospect and absolutely stunned me with his freaky 6'7" wingspan. He can play out of control at times and his ability to conduct an offense consistently is still a question mark. If he can demonstrate the ability to run a team in front of the scouts later today in Portland then he could emerge as one of the top Point Guard prospects when you consider his physical gifts and age. He could be Germany's answer to Rodrigue Beaubois but hopefully he can stay healthy unlike his French counterpart.

On a side note, I'm really excited for the Hoop Summit as there are so many prospects on the World team that could shoot up the draft boards. I'm thinking about the likes of Jaiteh, Karasev (the more I see, the more I like), Schroeder and um that Greek guy whose name is eluding me right now....

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They have similar dimensions,

They have similar dimensions, but Schroeder's more of a playmaker than Roddy B is. From the limited footage I've seen, I think he's more comparable to another 2013 PG, Myck Kabongo.

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