Demarcus Cousins

With all the drama circling around DMC and his character issues, if/when he demands a trade out of Sac town, where do you see him headed, where do you think would be the best fit for him(even if it is unrealistic/impossible for him to land there) and do you think he will ever sort out his issues with coaching and his immaturity?

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Boston Celtics... Bein around KG, Pierce, Rondo and Doc would help him alot...

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I would love to see him

I would love to see him reunited with Wall but that organization is even worse then Sac Town.

The Sixers would be a great fit as Collins is a players coach who finds a way to relate to players and is one of them basketball figures who guys wouldnt dare disrespect because of his history and track record. I think Collins is the best equipped coach gain DMCs respect and teach him discipline bcuz he doesnt do it with an iron fist or yelling or none of that. Collins preaches leadership, respect and earning trust. They were really close to drafting him he was 2nd on there big board but I heard he refused to acknowledge he needed counselling.

Plus I think Philly is the perfect city for Cousins, this city would embrace him like Barkley and Iverson for tje same reasons. Philly is a city that loves real people who dont bite theyre tongue and will tell whats on there mind at all times. With that said I wouldnt trade Jrue or Turner for him

Sacramento has invested a ton in him and I dont think they trade him, they need instead to trade literally everybody else besides Isiah and build around him. Like I never understand why they drafted T Rob who I thought was a terrible fit, they needed a SF and Barnes would of been a godsend to them as a guy of high character and a floor spacer.

There are 2 guys in this draft I think Sac needs to do anything possible to get and surround Cousins with and thats Marcus Smart and Otto Porter I think theyre exactly the type of building blocks they need. They need defenders and team first guys. Also Noels would be an amazing fit too

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