Deangelo Russell

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Deangelo Russell

Coming out of college, I was extremely high on this kid and very excited when the lakers drafted him. I thought we had found a dynamic lead guard for the future and with his combination of size, shooting and court vision he could be a potential star in the league for years to come. Even after it didn’t really work out in Los Angeles, I still thought he had the opportunity to excel, especially with the kind of offense Brooklyn runs.

Now into his 4th season, I can see that my belief in Russell was definitely misguided. While he has had his moments, and hasn’t been a complete bust by any means, I’ve kind of given up on the fact that he’ll ever be the type of player I thought he could be. The main issue is that he just lacks the burst and explosiveness to consistently get to the basket and finish. He’s a crafty player who knows how to navigate in the pick and roll and create his own shot. But the problem is that since he doesn’t get to the basket and finish, most of the shots he can create are of the low quality variety. Right now his numbers of 18 ppg, 4 rpg, 5.8 apg in 29.1 mpg look pretty good on the surface. However, when you dig deeper you see that his 18 ppg come on 17.1 shots per game with a fg% of under 41. While he makes a respectable 36% of 3s on 7 attempts per game he gets to line just 2.2 times per game. Essentially, he is an inefficient volume shooter who makes his living on low percentage shots.

Russell is a smart player. I still think he’ll have a decent career, but I just kind of doubt he’ll ever live up to his pre-draft hype. I think he basically is what he is and may be best served long-term in more of a sixth man role. I’m kind of interested to see where he ends up next season as I don’t see Brooklyn bringing him back. Are there any believers in Russell still out there?

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I was also very high on Russell and have been disappointed thus far. His lack of foul shots seems like a combination of bad floor-spacing and a lack of explosion which is unlikely to improve. A Jamal Crawford-ish career as a high level bench scorer might be his median outcome, but I think if he were in a situation like the Rockets last year (additional creator, a bunch of 3&D guys) he could break out. His defense may always be terrible, but he could reasonably fit in a switching scheme, and his pull up three pointer has really come along and should always be there. He actually seems like a better fit with the Lakers on offense than either Lonzo or Ingram, both of whom struggle to space the floor for LeBron and attack closeouts properly.

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Nets in a tough position, do

Nets in a tough position, do they give him a fat contract, walk, or trade him? I'm not sold on him to take the Nets to the next level.

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I think people are kind of starting to see why they kept Zo over

I hate to say this but the more I watch Russell the more I see why the Lakers moved on from him..He is the ideal 6th man for a contender. By that I mean he is the guy can light teams up but doesn't make his team mates a whole lot better....This is why the Lakers took Ball and moved Russell as it was obvious when Ball had most of his team mates stats increased vs when Russell..

Personally I wouldn't give him more than 12 mill per season if I was any GM.

The only 4 teams I could see him maybe working on would be as follows..

Suns-Assuming the don't take Barret.

Houston-6th man personally I wouldn't mind seeing a 3 team trade with Gordon ending up on OKC,Russell ending up in Houston and a young talent(Houston and OKC)+ an expiring deal(from OKC) and a pick(via Houston) or two to the nets..

The 76ers move Butler to the 3 and have Simmons and Russell in the Backcourt(just like in High school)

Spurs -Marks does Pop a solid lol + they really need a PG with theres being injured...

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I will always like him

I will always like him because your observations about his game all applied to my own game as a high school player, including the weaknesses. But you certainly are not wrong.

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I was really high on him too

I was really high on him too coming into the league, I loved his passing ability and he still has a sweet stroke. His problem IMO is he's always been asked to take on more of the scoring load than I think his game is actually able to handle. He and Brandon Jennings are similar in that regards, natural pass-first PG's that were forced into being #1 scoring options early in their careers and became inefficient chuckers as a result

He's definitely more than a 6th man-caliber player and like someone mentioned, he'd be a GREAT fit on the Lakers current team as they don't need ball dominant players, just shooters and ball movers. He'd be perfect for the Spurs too

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I said before and i will say

I said before and i will say it again. I still think DeAngelo Russell will be better than Lonzo Ball

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