De'Aaron fox rise

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De'Aaron fox rise

De'Aaron fox has risen in the mock but idk why. In todays game you have to be able to shoot obviously and he Can't. Why has he risen? He is a good floor general and has out of this world speed, but he reminds me a lot of Elfrid Payton who hasn't done anything in the league. If Fox gets taken top 5 he will be a major bust, but i wanna hear some opinions on this one because im up in the air about it.

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While I don't agree with his

While I don't agree with his rise into the top 5, I do think he'll be a starter in the league and not a bust. He's tough and gritty, a good finisher around the rim, plays fast but not out of control, and his shot doesn't look broken although it's not going in. He's a bigtime competitor and wants to be great which I think separates him from Payton as a prospect. I'm not concerned about Fox's jumper, but I am concerned about his frame. He looks very thin and has already had a few minor injuries this year. If he can build his body up while keeping his speed, like John Wall has done, I think he can be a good player. His common comparison is John Wall, but I don't think he's that electric. I think he's more so Rondo with a slightly better jumper and better intangibles.

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His jumper is rondo level bad

His jumper is rondo level bad he shoots around 15% from 3

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I think fox will be a solid

I think fox will be a solid NBA player. I have seen some plays from him this year that have been big time especially finishing the basketball. I like his competitive drive. I've heard some comparisons to Westbrook but I'm not going to go that far. But people seem to forget that Westbrook wasn't an accomplished shooter coming into the league but I also don't like the Elfrid comparison. Payton's shot looks relatively broken compared to Fox's mechanics. Although I agree that he is not a top 5 pick but he is definitely a lottery pick that has the tools and has shown the grit and drive to be a piece for a team.

I compare him to MCW with more upside.

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See Elfrid Payton; Emmanuel

See Elfrid Payton; Emmanuel Mudiay. Give me Monte Morris in the 2nd round and let another GM piss off their fan base.

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I think Fox has more

I think Fox has more potential than either of those guys although I didn't see much of Payton in college and none of Mudiay obviously. He just seems to have a higher basketball IQ in the sense of Rondo with more athleticism less flair. That along with his pure speed and defensive potential make him a coveted player. You need somebody to guard the Westbrook, Curry and Walls of the world as much as you need somebody to score with them.

I would want Monk over him especially as a Sixers fan with his outside shot but I can at least understand why he is a top 10 pick. In my mind he could be a Mike Conley type accpet with a more attacking style shooting less 3's. There is also a slight chance he could be a Tony Wroten type player and not pan out to his potential.

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Pluses: Elite athleticism, elite speed, elite defense, elite ball-handling, elite leadership, gets to the basket at will.

Minuses: Poor shooting from long range. Skinny.

I would point out though with respect to his poor shooting, keep in mind that his free throw percent is 73%. Usually good free throw shooters develop into good shooters in general. Given that he is 19 years old and has a decent-looking stroke, I can see him getting his numbers up as he gets more experience/practice.

Not sure I would take him top 5, but he is lottery-level talent for sure imho.

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As much as I love Fox and

As much as I love Fox and everything he brings to the table the shooting concerns are legit. The rondo comparisons are real. We could see a big slide unless a team feels he can improve that jumpshot. With that being said the gaurd depth isnt crazy in this draft outside of the lottery. As of right now Ive got Fultz, Ball, and Ntilikina ahead of him. I dont think he slides past the Kings lowest pick unless they have a chance to draft one of the other three gaurds. Although we saw Dejaunte Murray slide last year (only god knows why) and Fox could suffer the same fate.

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Fox is gonna be a great

Fox is gonna be a great player in the league. All this doubt because of his shooting? Yeah it's bad, but his form isn't broken and shoots 73% from the free throw like Illadelph said. I guess we're gonna overlook his athleticism (probably top 2-3 athletes in the lottery along with Monk), defense, passing, leadership, defense, IQ, driving/finishing ability in the paint and at the rim, ball handling, and defense. Did I mention his defense? Also, let's not forget he outplayed Lonzo during their head to head

I'm not saying he should or will get picked over Fultz, Lonzo, or Smith Jr., but I am saying he's not far off and people writing him off will be proven wrong

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Fox has Elite 1st step explosiveness in transition And

in Half Court sets. He's got great court vision, looks to pass first but is an Oustanding finisher at the Rim.

His quickness allows him to jump start a Lethal Transition attack by flashing into the passing lanes & disrupting the flow of the opposing team's offense.

Fox has Extraordinary body control at incredibly high speed. That is an Incredibly Rare gift.

I'd Luv to see a team like the Dallas Mavs get Fox b/c watching that team play a high tempo transition game w/ the Freak athleticism of Fox, Barnes & Noel would be crazy exciting.

I don't know about Top 5 but after the #1 pick the # is relative b/c the order of the Draft is completely arbitrary. So Fox will Def go somewhar in the top 10 & he Def deserves to be there,

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I quite like Fox as a

I quite like Fox as a prospect. He is super fast and super explosive.

While his % are down, his actual shot doesn't look that bad.

Think back to John Wall at Kentucky and as a pro rookie. His jump shot was bad. Defenders used to play off him 5-6ft away, daring John to shoot a jump shot.

From 3 as rook he shot just 29%, then only 7% second year, then 27% in his third year.

I think Fox will put the work in to improve his shot. I think his shot will be better than Rondo and he is more explosive and can finish better than Rondo. Fox is also an excellent defender. Rondo was a four time all-star, so despite not having a great jump shot it shows you can still be successful in the league.....

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He once hit 11 3's in a game

He once hit 11 3's in a game in high school. Which, yeah I know, it's high school, but you don't do that if you don't have somewhere the ability to shoot

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It might be insider

It might be insider info.

Also, I think a lot of teams are optimistic on their ability to reshape a shot and turn a player into a good shooter. If Fox had consistency in his shot he would be absurdly good. Contrary to Ball and Fultz he is a + athlete at the NBA level among (presumably) starting guards. His FT% shows his touch is at least decent so he could improve a lot with proper shooting coaching, at least presumably.

John Wall recent success/resurgence with Washington certainly helps his stock given they share a lot of characteristics, including bad 3pt and good free throw shot making at the college level.

I doubt there won't be a team thinking he is the next John Wall in the top 10. And if you are that team, you could pick him over Dennis Smith because of injury concerns or "championship PG history"(long defensive-minded "cheap salary" PGs are better than impressive heroballers. History tells you can win with Rondo, Fisher, Tony Parker vs. Marbury, Francis were losers. Of course, Tony Parker is/was arguably talented offensively too and should be regarded as a best case scenario for Fox if jumper starts to fall).

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i think at least he will be a

i think at least he will be a bigger Jeff Teague, i'm high on him...

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