David West

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David West

David West is quietly having a good year. Does he deserve to be an All-Star this season ?

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If the Pacers are in play-off

If the Pacers are in play-off contention then he should most definately be considered. I know it was only the Kings, but I am really looking forward to seeing Hill, Granger and West together as a trio. Hill is starting to adapt to his role and it wouldn't surprise me to see him average 16ppg-6apg through out this year.

West is however a bad man and reminds me of what Randolph is doing in Memphis.

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I'm not surprised West is

I'm not surprised West is doing what he's doing. This is year two since he tore his ACL, which is how long it takes most players to get back in top form.

He's the best player on the Pacers and will be probably even when Granger returns. I think he has a legit shot to picked as a reserve depending on their record.

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well 7 front court players

well 7 front court players get to go. So i have lebron, pierce, melo, bosh and horford all ahead of him for sure. So that puts him in the mix with josh smith, verajao, kg, monroe, deng and noah. he has a chance, but it will be close.

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