David Blatt considering NBA offers?

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David Blatt considering NBA offers?


Translation of the Subtext:

"Israeli seriously considering offers from the NBA, including Brooklyn, assistant Jason Kidd. The Blatt respond within ten days, may inform about leaving before the end of next week"

I know its primarily for the role of an assistant, but Blatt has been a higher level coach in the Euroleague scene for a few years. He's one something like 6 domestic league championships in the last 12 years. One of the more successful Euro-based American Coaches.


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Don't care

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Blatt stays in Maccabi

Maccabi's president said he stays in Maccabi next year

Blatt is great coach and even better person

Velvet Hoop
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I only

really remember him from the Olympics, but I thought that he did a great job with that Russian squad.

I would like to see it happen at some point, if it is the right situation for him.

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Good coach. Really tough,

Good coach. Really tough, excellent X's and O's, but really gets on his players. I'm not sure how his style would fly as a newcomer to the league. Coaches have much more clout and influence on the game over there than in the NBA. Accepting an ast position is a downgrade for him. If guys who have no head coaching experience anywhere can get head coaching jobs, Blatt should at least get interviewed for a head job somewhere if he's really that interested in going to the NBA.

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Very overrated coach. His

Very overrated coach. His style of basketball is simplistic and outdated.

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