David Anderson hits game winner as Australia Beats China 64-63 in opening day of Stankovic Cup

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David Anderson hits game winner as Australia Beats China 64-63 in opening day of Stankovic Cup

China was defeated by a narrow margin in its first game against old rival Australia, 63-64 in the first day of Stankovic Continental Cup.

China: Yi Jianlian scored a game-high 17 points with 10 rebounds. Liu Wei contributed 11 points and Wang Shipeng 10. Wang Zhizhi grabbed 12 points, 9 rebounds.

Australia: Mills contributed 13 points with 7 rebounds. Nielsen scored 10 points. Andersen added 8 points, 7 rebounds.

Andersen hit the shot after a nice last minute drive and dish by Mills.

Slovenia also destroyed Iran (107-74) in a 33 point blowout

Iran took a lead in the opening minutes. However, Slovenia nailed 20 points at the end of first half with the help of the great touch of Primož Brezec and a flurry of attacks by Goran Dragic

Mahdi Kamrani of Iran made 7 of 10 ,scored a team-high, 23 points with 3 rebounds. Arsalan Kazemi Naeini grabbed the most rebounds in the team and added 8 points.

Sani Becirovic of Slovenia contributed big for his team, 23 points with 6 assists. Goran Dragic made 5 of 9(including two three-pointers) in 18 minutes, scored 15 points with 4 assists. Samo Udrih added 19 points, 3 assists and 4 steals. In 18 minutes, Primož Brezec contributed 13 points, 3 rebounds and 2 blocks.

In my opinion, if Beno wouldnt have complained about not starting, and Sasha wasnt such a sissy...Slovenia would have one of the top backcourts in the world championships

Also watch out for Zoran Dragic...if he makes the final roster...but i doubt he gets serious playing time anyway

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save some

save some of that for toronto were going to need it

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Watching Bogdan Bogdanovic

Watching Bogdan Bogdanovic last season, and in certain games in the WC, he looked NBA ready. A guy like Ante Tomic would also thrive. He is a 7'2" centre who can play. Only problem is he is already 27 yrs old.

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Wang Zhizui still playing ball? Nice. I'm a big fan of international basketball so this was a good read for me. I can't wait for the Fiba World championships in August. Been waiting 2 years since the olympics for the next big international tournament.

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So far Sun Yue is looking nice and i see him getting another shot at the NBA in the future Yi is not playing like the "Mr.Basketball of China" I didnt know renaldo balkman was on puerto rico DdD DeViL

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