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Anybody check out Darko 2nite? I laugh at all the unworthy Darko praise on this site, but he played another good game 2nite and appears to be playing more confident. U guys think he keeps this up, or reverts back to the Darko we all know and love lol?

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You mean the old Darko that

You mean the old Darko that singlehandedly led his team to winning the finals with amazing stats of 1.4 points, and 1.2 rebounds?

Yes i i think hell revert back to being the best player to ever play the game.

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told u guys...

told u guys... funny animated gif

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He's been good

He's been good though, i even bumped up his rating in 2K11 a little a bit haha.

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Darko could lead the league

Darko could lead the league in blocked shots this year take that hater

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Please he's 7 foot 270 plus

Please he's 7 foot 270 plus of course he'll get some rebs.

Look at his fg%, he had what 5 good games the rest he's been avg. or weak.

8 yrs in the league and he shoots 42% from the field and 59% on free throws.

Has the Centers in the league been this bad that a guy who's maybe avg. gets all this attention.

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