Danilo Gallinari..

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Danilo Gallinari..

I created this post because I was thinking he should get more credit for his improved play. He's putting up numbers that compare favorably to Paul George's and he's doing it on a team that doesn't have a clear number 1 option, like Paul George is for the Pacers, also he's playing 5 less minutes a game.

Their Stats

Paul George- 17.4 points, 7.7 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.8 steals, 0.7 blocks,.427% from the field, .812 from the line, .383 from three in 37.4 minutes a game

Danilo Gallinari- 17.0 points, 5.4 rebounds, 2.5 assists, 0.8 steals, 0.5 blocks,.424 from the field, .811 from the line, .370 from three in 32.9 minutes a game.

Now i'm not saying he's better than Paul George, I think Paul George's 2 way game will always be better, but I do think he could be and is a better offensive player than Paul George.

I simply used Paul George to compare Danilo to someone who's getting a lot of praise right now. They're both steal young also, Paul 22, and Danilo 24. So this helps show how strong the small forward position is with players under 30. Lebron, KD, Carmelo, Rudy, Paul, Danilo, Luol Deng and up and comers like Kawhi Leonard, Harrison Barnes, MKG, Gordon Hayward, I would like to count Moe Harkless in this, he's a great defender and rebounder, strong athlete, can attack the basket, if he improves his ball handling, he could be another Rudy or Paul George, and lastly Evan Turner, I still consider him a 2 guard but he's starting at small forward.

I just thought Danilo Gallinari should get some shine for a second.

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Lucky he is Italian because if he was Greek he wouldn't even be in the NBA.

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I noticed his game as well

I noticed his game as well too. He's becoming the go-to-guy down the stretch for the Nuggets and he's been relishing his role as a finisher.

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I liked him when he came into

I liked him when he came into the league, however kinda lost interest in him as he kept getting injured and struggling. Now he is starting to pull it all together and he can be that guy the Nuggets can rely on in crunch -time. I am glad he has been proving me wrong the last 1month or so.

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favorably to paul george?

favorably to paul george? favorably would indicate that they're better than George's...and well...they're not

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You do know the word

You do know the word favorably has more than 1 definition, right?

fa·vor·a·ble [fey-ver-uh-buhl, feyv-ruh-] Show IPA
characterized by approval or support; positive: a favorable report.
creating or winning favor; pleasing: to make a favorable impression.
affording advantage, opportunity, or convenience; advantageous: a favorable position.
(of an answer) granting what is desired.
boding well; propitious: The signs are favorable for a new start.

Let's break down the word favorable

Favor- meaning a (1) : friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior (2) : approving consideration or attention, in accord or sympathy with

able- susceptible to action or treatment, having sufficient power or skill.

If you need me to use it in a sentence, I will. Just say so.

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Those stats are deceiving, in

Those stats are deceiving, in his past 31 games, he's averaging 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 4 assists with 2 steals shooting 45% from the field. Plus, according to advanced metrics, he has the most defensive win shares in the league, and his defensive rating is also elite.

Danilo Gallinari is also scorching of late, in his past 20 games he's averaging 20 and 6 with 2 assists on 48% shooting, and 45% from three.

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