Daniel Theis +50!

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Daniel Theis +50!

Boston blewout Chicago by 56 points tonight lol and Theis was +50 with a game high 32 minutes. Ended up with 22 points 10 rebounds 5 assists 1 steal and 4 blocks. Jaylen Brown had a nice bounce back game 8-11 FG with 23 points in 28 minutes. Rozier also had a good game.

Dont sleep on Boston, its way too early to be counting them out.

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Coming into tonight the

Coming into tonight the Celtics point differential was +5.4. After winning by 56 it increased to a +7.4, good for 3rd in the NBA. In their current 5 game winning streak they are scoring 126.2ppg while holding the opposition to 97.6ppg. Obviously not against the best competition but it's good to see the offense coming together.

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Marcus Smart is the absolute

Marcus Smart is the absolute perfect fit for that starting lineup. First of all, he sets the tone defensively of course. But on offense, he is the best fit next to Kyrie. He allows Kyrie to play off-the-ball sometimes, while also being a good spot-up shooter and cutter. He also does not demand the ball. There is no second-thoughts of trying to get him going unlike with Hayward and Brown because teammates know he will not demand the ball.

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Jaylen Brown

Last 2 games off bench 21 pts and 23 pts. He has been lights out at like 70% fg

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At least 1, maybe 2 of

At least 1, maybe 2 of Hayward, Morris, Brown, Tatum or Rozier will be gone by the trade deadline.

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Interesting to see the

Interesting to see the Celtics tweaking their starting line up, it could have been that Big Al Horford was out and they wanted extra size on court but with both Hayward and Brown on the bench it is an interesting dynamic and gives them a lot of depth and Brad Stevens has some nice match up options.

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