Damn Mr Aran Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Damn Mr Aran Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Mr Aran Smith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the hell did you do to the original forum topic that I created?
This was my original post before Aran Smith messed it all up. I still love you Aran!!!

Theirs a chance that memphis might be able to still recover from their controversial trade by relying on talented but unproven players like:

1. Jerryd Bayless - athletic and talented but extremely inconsistent combo guard with decent scoring skills who really has not shown that he posesses the skill set needed to consistently play the point guard and shooting guard position at a high level

2. Austin Daye - ultra skilled, talented, and versitile player who has very good shooting skills, but for some unknown reason has been a very average player in his first 3 years in the league

3. Tony Wroten - Extremely gifted, talented, and athletic player who's still a long way from being able to consistently contribute at a very high level

4. Ed Davis - Talented and athletic bigman who can defend, rebound, and block shots at a high level. And has also proven that he can offensively be a reliable athletic finisher around the rim. But will their be playing time avaliable for him because of Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph, and Darrell Arthur

These four players, if they play well, will determine if memphis will still be able to compete at a very high level against western conference teams

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Now Tell Me

Who's gonna be their wing scorer now? Conley is not of a scorer. Bayless is inconsistent, undersized for the 2 (bad shot selection). Wroten is inconsistent and inexperienced. Daye plays soft. Prince is aging.

The only way they can score is for Gasol and Randolph to eat everyone inside in which they can.

Shooting also needs to be addressed. They traded their shooter Ellington and somewhat of a shooter in Gay so that means teams can just double team their bigs, making it hard for them to score

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Tony Wroten will never get

Tony Wroten will never get playing time until the coach leaves, Hollins hardly plays rookies. For example look at vasquez.

But i do think Bayless can be a good scorer on this team, but he and conley make for a really short and weak backcourt. They will be abused against bigger guards. THey could give Wroten more playing time or trade for a better SG and make bayless the permanent 6th man.

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Committee. I'm sure they'll


I'm sure they'll all do their part in order to score on the perimeter.

While Prince may be aging, he is only a year older than Zach Randolph. Meaning by the time Prince is too old to put up good numbers, the Grizzlies window will probably be closed.

The combination of Daye, Bayless, Prince, and Wrote are going to have to put up Gay-esque numbers.

What I don't understand is, if the Grizzlies already knew they were trading away Rudy Gay, why didn't they keep Mayo in the off-season?

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"ultra-skilled" and Austin

"ultra-skilled" and Austin Daye shouldn't be used in the same sentence.....he is severely lacking that's why Detroit considered him expendable. Especially with Kyle Singler on the roster this season

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go-to scorer

This team no longer has a go-to scorer on the perimeter. Randolph can get his in the paint, but no one can score from outside. And don't even give me Tayshaun Prince; did you know that guy has never averaged 15 ppg or 6 rpg?

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